5 Benefits of Laminated Doors

Laminate doors are a popular choice in modern homes. First developed over a century ago. Laminate doors have been keeping us safe and dry for generations. Here are our thoughts on the five most essential benefits of laminate doors.

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Laminate is generally an affordable material due to how it is mass-produced. Not only it is very easy to work with, but laminate doors also do not require any coating or paint to finish. All these conveniences in construction will offer us a relatively affordable door. A range of high-quality, affordable laminate doors can be found at the Online Door Store.


Laminate doors come in a wide range of finishes. Common finishes include any solid color – ranging from neutral tones to bright and neon colors, various timber grain finishes, from white oak to ash to walnut finish, to the more expensive looking materials such as metal finish like brass or leather finish which can be used for detailing in custom designs. With a very wide selection of materials, laminate doors can be very flexible to match the look of any design concept. Another advantage over a veneer door is that the “grain” can be reproduced, and consistency provided between doors. In summary, you can clone your door at any point in the future.


Laminate itself is generally a water and moisture resistant material, and it can be widely found to be a finished material in kitchens and vanities in many houses. With this property, laminate doors are durable enough to be placed in wet areas such as toilets, powder rooms, wet kitchens or utility rooms, or even as an outdoor door. Remember when fitting your door to make sure the seals are all in place to avoid leaking in heavy rain.


Since laminate is a manmade material, it is significantly more durable than a natural veneer. Compared with veneer doors, laminate doors are a lot more resistant to scratches, heat, and also moisture. Laminate doors are the best choice for heavy use environments. Many homes will use laminate doors for the exteriors, even if cheaper veneer doors have been used for internal doors.

Easy Maintenance

Due to its very durable material, also the absence of any need to coat or paint to finish the door, laminate doors do not need to be recoated or repainted every few years like a conventional timber door. When stained, laminate doors can be cleaned as easily as by wiping it. Though laminate doors do not require it, it is possible to paint over laminate doors to give them a refresh.

While many people’s perception of laminate is as a cheap and low-quality material if looked after properly, a laminate door can outlive a traditional wooden door. So next time you are in the market for a new door, please give serious consideration to a laminate door. It is bound to impress you in terms of Price, Available Finishes, Water Resistance, Durability, and Ease of Maintenance.

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