5 Benefits to Choosing a Muswell Hill Day Nursery

With over 50 years of experience, the Muswell Hill Nursery & Preschool has maintained consistent eminence for preschool education. It is without a doubt that finding a suitable nursery school for your kid can be quite intimidating. If you are struggling to find a good preschool for your child and you live in the UK, here are top five reasons you should take your kid to nursery Muswell Hill.

The Muswell Hill Preschool

Aims at shaping your child into an adaptable adult

The Muswell Hill Day Nursery seeks to broaden your kid’s knowledge and educate them beyond the norm to make them well-rounded. Resourcefulness, responsibility, and resilience are the three qualities that make up a well-rounded person. With these three qualities, your child will be able to solve challenging problems, think critically, socially interact and grow their own moral compass as they grow older.  

Exposes your child to a wide educational scope

Explore and PlayAs the motto reads: Explore, Discover and Learn, the preschool aims at introducing kids to a wider tuition scope, with their services ranging from science and discovery to art, literacy, performing arts, school preparation, and building self-awareness as well as confidence.

To boot, Muswell Hill strives to nurture personal development which is vital for kids as they prepare to move to their next level. What’s more, Muswell Hill preschool devices development strategies for each individual kid, focusing on their talents, needs, interests, and abilities.

Enlightens your kid about self-awareness

A kid who is self-aware knows what his/her weaknesses and strengths are. This way, a kid knows what they need to improve or what they are really good at in school. When self-awareness starts to develop at such a young age, your kid will be able to address his/her needs later as they grow older.

They will be set up for success even when they move to the next level. Mentors at Muswell Hill Day Nursery will develop your kid’s confidence as well as self-awareness by making them understand interpersonal relationships.

Face Painting FunProvides an amiable environment for your kid

Entrusting your kid to strangers is not the easiest thing to do. You are not sure if your child will be treated well, and while away from them, you are constantly thinking about their well-being. Muswell hill day nursery provides the kids with an environment equal to their home. All staff members are quite friendly and approachable to ensure comfort for all kids.

Runs for 51 weeks a year

Wondering who will take care of your kid for you when schools break for the holiday and there are no good nurseries open? Well, this is where Muswell Hill Day Nursery comes in handy. It runs every Monday to Friday from 7 am to 7 pm for 51 weeks every year. And don’t worry about meals, they are taken care of.

There are proficient nutritionists who take care of all meals and ensure they are well-balanced. So, your kid is not only well-looked out for but also well-fed throughout the whole period. This gives Muswell preschool an upper hand because it is hard to find a preschool with all these services all together.

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