5 Best Places to Look for Super Deals

Nearly four out of five Americans say they consider themselves to be bargain hunters, according to a LendingTree report released last year. Saving a couple of bucks here and there is great, but nothing beats the feeling when you get truly super deals. These are some of the best places to find those elusive big discounts.

Group Buying Websites: People Power Helps You Save

Group Buying Websites: People Power Helps You Save

Group buying websites leverage people power to give you sensational deals. Every day these sites offer substantial deals for things like dinners for two, apparel items, beauty treatments, and experiences like hot air balloon rides and flight lessons. The deals are significantly discounted, usually by at least 50 percent, but are only activated if a certain number of people decide to buy. If the response is too small, which happens very rarely, you don’t pay a cent.

Groupon is perhaps the most well-known group buying website, but others like LivingSocial and EverSave are also worth checking out. These sites are ideal for buying life’s little luxuries at bargain basement prices.

The Twitter Accounts of Leading Brands: Savings on Social Media

Many brands save their best deals for their loyal Twitter followers. For example, the Amway US Twitter account offered its followers 30 percent off a Blushing Bride bundle, featuring some of the retailer’s most popular beauty products and vitamins.

For more inspiration, check out U.S. News and World Report’s 2015 article featuring 10 Twitter accounts you should follow for great deals, which profiles everything from clothing retailers to book stores. It’s also a good idea to check out the Twitter accounts of your favorite brands to see what discounts they could offer you. Make sure you follow the Twitter accounts you’re interested in so the deals get posted to your feed.

Private Shopping Clubs: Enjoy Members-Only Discounts

If getting exclusive discounts appeals to you, then make sure you sign up for some private shopping clubs. These clubs offer goods to their members at significant discounts. Their products are available for a limited period, usually lasting between two and six days, much like a regular retailer’s sales. True private shopping clubs only source their products directly from brands, rather than buying liquidation stock, to guarantee they’re of the highest quality. Private shopping clubs tend to specialize in a particular type of product, such as apparel items, and usually favor high-end brands.

Membership for private shopping clubs is by invitation only, but if you don’t already know a member, don’t despair. Websites like Members Only Shopping Clubs promise to share invite codes with their readers. Some of the most popular online shopping clubs include Gilt, Best Secret, and Vente Privee.

Members-Only eCommerce Websites: Save on a Variety of Merchandise

Websites like Overstock and AliExpress also restrict purchases to members, but unlike private shopping clubs, anyone can join these sites. Another key difference between these sites and private shopping clubs is the stock available. The range is usually more diverse, with many eCommerce websites selling everything from cell phones to toys to car components. While the products are of good quality, these sites rarely sell the luxury brands that private shopping clubs do.

Deal Finder Websites: All The Deals in One Place

If you only visit one place looking for deals, make sure that it’s a deal finder website. These aggregate websites have active communities of members dedicated to scouring the web for the best deals. The deals advertised are very diverse, with everything from cheap coffee capsules to cut-price TVs listed at the time of writing. If you’re looking for a particular type of item, use the filters which let you search for deals in a particular category.

In addition to the great deals, many deal finder websites also have user forums and blog posts which can help you learn even more about frugal living. Slickdeals.net and DealsPlus are just some of the leading deal finder websites.

Don’t make the mistake of paying full price again. When you know where to look, it’s easy to find exceptional deals on the products and services you want.

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