5 Changes to Make in Your House If You Suffer from Chronic Pain

Suffering from chronic pain can be so debilitating to a person’s life and is commonly underestimated by those fortunate enough to not be suffering. As it’s so invasive to every aspect of your life it’s best to think about how to lay out and change your house to make life as manageable as you possibly can. Let’s look at 5 ways this can be helped an what can be done.

Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels
Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels

Accessible Shower and Bathroom

If you have the type of bath and or shower where you are having to climb in to but given the discomfort in performing this maneuver it’s a near impossible task at times. Don’t worry you really don’t need to choose between extra discomfort and bathing. You should consider installing a walk-in shower to ease this process, walk in baths are also available (with a door in and out) and you should consider handles and rails, if needed.

Ensure You Have A Suitable Bed

The correct bed is essential for making life with chronic pain easier as if you are not comfortable sleeping then this can only make things worse. You’ll want to consider beds that are easy to get in and out of and you’d want to look at bed bases you can adjust to suit you and this can make things so much easier. You’ll want to also ensure you have the correct mattress and be especially mindful of not leaving it too long and make sure you get a new mattress between every five and ten years, and if you’re in the bed a lot you’d be looking at closer to the five than the ten.

Make Sure the Layout of The House Works for You

The layout of your house is key for comfortable living at the best of times and especially if you’re suffering from chronic pain. You might want to consider making one of the downstairs rooms your bedroom if possible as the stairs can be time consuming and cause more pain. Also try and make space for any exercise or physio that helps your pain, be sure to check with your doctor though before taking on any new exercise routine.

Get the Furniture Choices Correct

It’s also important to get furniture choices correct and ensure you are getting the correct posture that’s not going to make matters worse. If you can get furniture, you’re at least comfortable in then you will relax more and at least be able to feel a little better.

Access to The Building

Getting in and out of the house can become a real chore in this situation and if it’s getting to this stage you might need to consider the idea of ramps or other accessibility aids to help. This doesn’t have to make the building unsightly or even obvious that it’s been adapted though, there are loads of great design ideas to make ramps look natural and stylish as well.

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