5 Creative Snacks to Replace the Orange Slices!

Every parent who has had snack duty at their child’s sporting event knows the challenge of finding kid-friendly, healthy snacks for half-time. The snacks need to appeal to kids and give them the fuel they need to keep playing hard. When you are tired of the same-old orange slices, try these creative snacks instead. Your kids — and their coaches — will thank you.

bugs on a log

Bugs on a Log

Bananas are known for their ability to give a hit of energy perfect for workouts and athletic events. They are even considered a powerful pre-test snack that keeps the brain alert. Adding a smooth layer of peanut butter on halved bananas and dotting them with raisins (or chocolate chips) makes them a little more fun and packs an extra punch of protein.

Granola Bites

Granola Bites

Granola bars are a classic snack for kids (and grown-ups) on the go, but they tend to crumble and bend, making them a challenging sideline snack. Instead, make (or buy) granola bites: balls of sweet, grainy granola that will give snackers the benefit of whole grains with the convenience of a smaller portion.

Apple and Cheese Sandwiches

Apple and Cheese Sandwiches

Sure apples and cheese have been a staple of the toddler diet for years, but when your kiddos need a bite on the sidelines during the big game, try upping the snack ante. Use a clever cookie cutter to slice your apples and cheese into fun shapes. Choose flowers or footballs — whatever you like! You might even find letters that spell your team’s name. Then, stack the up for a hit of fiber and protein.

Cucumber Boats

Cucumber Boats

If you want to infuse your snacks with refreshment, try creating cucumber boats! Quarter your cucumbers the long way, scraping out the seeds to make an indentation. Then add anything you like: flavored cream cheese, mashed avocado, or Greek yogurt. The cool and healthy snack will keep the team going and give them much-needed hydration.

cheesy crackers

Crackers Galore

Image from John Wm Macy’s site, click here to visit.

Crackers are a go-to snack for kids, and they are a great palate for any number of flavors. Add a dash of peanut butter and a circle of pear, or squeeze a little cheese and add crunchy green pepper or juicy tomato.  John Wm Macy’s cheese stick crackers have been a hit with my kids during their active events, and I really enjoy snacking on them too! This snack company has plenty of options for big snackers on the field and off. Hummus works very well with these crackers. Variety is the spice of life — and keeps half-time interesting.

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