5 Dog Training Myths You Should Know

Training your dog is a job every owner must learn to do because, without proper training, your pet’s behavior and attitude could cause harm to himself or your family members, especially children. No matter how domesticated he or she may be, your dog needs training.

Over the years, several myths have developed regarding the proper way to train your dog. They are either based on old research, studies or created by people who just listen to stories from others. These myths have greatly impacted the dog training regime because people believe them and therefore they have a negative influence on the dog and his or her training. While some of these may be true, most can be refuted and training your dog to be obedient can become a reality with the use of electronic dog collars, specifically the Mini Educator E Collar, which is a great training device for small and large dogs alike.

Below are five of the top myths you need to be aware of and the simple solutions to each when you utilize a device such as the Mini Educator E Collar.

(1) You Need To Be The ‘Alpha’ During Training

One of the oldest myths is that you, the owner, needs to be the ‘alpha’ during the training regime of your dog. This myth was created during the 1970s, mainly by researchers of wolves. Your dog will respond to gentle but firm commands and positive stimulation and reinforcement. You need to be friendly with your pet and utilizing the customer favorite Mini Educator E Collar will allow you to train your dog in a friendly environment and works well, even for dogs as small as 5 pounds!

(2) Put The Dog’s Nose In Their ‘Accident’ Inside the House

This is by far one of the most barbaric myths that claim, to teach your pet not to do this again, you need to punish him by putting his nose in the urine or feces after an accident inside your home. Nothing could be farther from the truth my friends. This practice can cause serious damage to the health of your pet – which you will pay for out of your pocket later. Instead, learn to utilize the LCD transmitters of the Mini Educator E Collar to avoid any future accidents.

(3) The Guilty Look After A Mistake

Dogs have a short term memory of about 5 minutes. So if 6 minutes have gone by, your dog is not going to remember what it was that they may have done that has displeased you. Dogs do not give you a guilty look because they know that they have done something wrong, they are reacting to your tone and body language.

The Lock and Set feature on the Mini E Collar will allow you to train your dog not to go to specific places (such as outside the yard, across the road, in the neighbor’s yard) and to teach them what items inside the house are to be played with and those that are not.

Dogs do have a long term memory and are able to retain the commands and signals that you teach them as to what is acceptable behavior and what is not.

(4) Keeping Your Dog Close Will Create Separation Anxiety

Dogs love to play with their owners and to be engaged with everything that you do. However, unless you are fortunate enough to be able to take your dog with you everywhere you go, there are going to be instances where she may develop separation anxiety. While there are many scientifically proven reasons for separation anxiety, you can help alleviate this to a degree by having your pet around you without being involved physically every moment of the time. The Mini E Collar allows you to keep an eye on your pet through the LCD displays, leaving you free to do other things and create an environment that is happy and healthy for your dog.

(5) Having Your Pet Sleep With You Creates A Less Respectful Pet

Another myth is that pet parents should not sleep with their dogs or cats for two main reasons: it would promote poor behavior in the animal and could lead to serious illness in humans. Such behavior has actually been shown to have negative impacts on both pet parents and their four-legged family members.

Our pets love us and are drawn to our scents. They prefer sleeping in the same spaces we do. Just as you appreciate sleeping in your bed, they enjoy sleeping in elevated spaces as well. If having your pet sleep in the bed with you is not comfortable for you, provide them a clean pet bed in or near your bedroom and include a piece of your clothing – like an old t-shirt or an old pillowcase – so that they can enjoy your scent and a peaceful night’s sleep as well.

You can also train your dog using the Mini E Collar to behave in bed and set a sleeping pattern schedule that coincides with your own to create a win-win situation for everyone in the home. The collars are designed with the sensitive temperaments of small dogs kept in mind for maximum comfort for your pet and ease of training for you.

At the end of the day, you know your pet best. There are a variety of training methods and tools available to teach your pet. Do your research and remember to be kind and compassionate with your pet. They are, after all, an extended member of your family and should be treated with the same love and care as your human children.

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