5 Easy and Effective Ways to Clean Dog Beds

Dogs are man’s best friend. They are seen to be a part of a family when adopted by their owners. Dogs fill a home with so much happiness. In the today’s world, there had been two trends that are changing pet dog’s status. The broadening of the concept of having a dog with the family and including them in almost every day family activities is one of the trends. Whereas, the second trend is the commodification of the pet dog. You train the dog to your expectation of how you want the behavior and personality to be.

Dogs do not only play a significant part in companionship alone. Some pet dogs help with work, some help in hunting in the forest as for others they help with herding livestock and pulling loads. For the tough ones, they are the guide dogs.  In some countries, you find couples not willing to raise children but will have a pet dog whom they treat as their child. It is amazing how dogs have become man’s best friends. Dogs help in psychological therapy. They help those with physical or even mental disabilities. Dogs can contribute to lower your blood pressure by petting them.

Before you are a dog owner, you can’t just go choosing any breed; all breeds have different characteristics. It is always difficult for you and your family to choose the right kind. Would you prefer a sedentary dog friend or a good companion who is highly active? Well, you have to look at many things. Humans are advised to get your dogs a bed instead of lying on the floor.

Choosing a dog bed

A good dog bed which is always an indispensable item along with a collar, leash, and high quality food helps your dog to have a comfortable rest, and this helps as it ages. Cold floor can’t reach the dog. The dog bed also helps with the dog hair and odor concentrated more in one area hence helping with the pets not to curl up on the upholstery. Being a human we love our space and privacy, your dog also needs its space. The dog needs to feel safe, relaxed and also feel that it is valued in your household too.

But with all the above said there are things you need to consider as you choose a bed for your dog. These are:

  • The bed should at least be water-resistant to be able to clean easily.
  • The location also determines the type of bed you will choose. If placed outside, the bed should be mold-resistant and also resistant to other environmental hazards. It will help to avoid health issues.
  • The size should be big enough to support your dog well even when it stretches. We all need our dogs to be comfortable and have a good rest after a long day. It is advised to measure your dog’s length for you to go and buy a bed that is five inches more the dog’s length.
  • Purchase a bed that made from a material that is durable. We all want a bed that will last for long. Cheap is expensive.

Five ways to clean your dog bed easily

We all love our homes clean and health hazard free. We don’t want to get sick or our pets all saddened up because of being sick. An unclean dog bed can affect your dog’s health. A dog bed that is not clean can make our homes stinky too. There are two types of dog beds, and they are both cleaned up differently. There is the foam beds and blanket beds. Foam beds have an outer cover and a foam inside thus this makes it easy to clean. The blanket bed comprises of many blanket layers. It makes it hard to clean.

Below are five ways to quickly clean the dog beds:

  1. Use of a lint roller or remover.

Lint roller is made up of a one sided adhesive paper on a barrel mounted on a Spidle. All you need to do is to roll it up on the dog bed, and it picks up the hair quickly from almost any material. To make it easy to clean, you have first to hoover the cover to suck up the large clumps of dirt or hair. Then you can roll over it with a lint roller for the trapped hairs and dust to stick to it. The lint rollers are very easy to clean too.

  1. Use of baking soda

Baking soda is why it is important to pick a dog bed with a removable cover, and this will make it easy for cleaning. Soak the cover or the blankets in water that has a mild detergent and add a cup of baking soda. Baking soda helps to remove all the bad stubborn odor and neutralize it. After they are all clean and dry, for the blankets, you can add a layer of the baking soda in between the blanket layers. It will help to keep the smell under control even when the dog pees on the blankets.

  1. Rubber gloves

The use of rubber gloves is effortless for the removal of hair from the bed. Put on the rubber gloves and dampen them a little bit. All you need is to sweep your covered hand over the bed and for the unreachable parts you can use your fingers. The hair sticks up on the glove.

  1. Use of vinegar

You add the apple cider or white vinegar into the water. Vinegar is for the final rinse of the blankets or the bed cover. Vinegar helps to remove the bad odor quickly.

  1. Use of a Hoover

A hoover sucks up all the hair and dust particles into the vacuum. It collects all allergens thus keeping the bed clean. The hoover is very easy to clean too since you just need to empty the vacuum and clean it.


Cleaning up your dog’s bed is very important. We all want our dogs to be healthy not to have any respiration problems or skin infections. We also want to keep away fleas and keep our dogs safe and comfortable. As mentioned above, cleaning is effortless and will not take much of your time. We all need our homes odorless and clean and have no bad odors. But before you choose the bed make sure that it has a removable cover to make it effortless for you to clean. A comfortable dog bed is right for the dog to have its space and place to relax and get all cozy.

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