5 Easy Bedroom Upgrades to Change the Way You Sleep

We share the most ironic relationship with our sleep. We talk all day about how much we want to snooze off yet can’t seem to fall asleep once the time comes. In case you relate to this situation on a spiritual level, here’s some good news for you- you can fix your disrupted sleep patterns. Apparently, the environment you sleep in affects the quality of your sleep, so fixing that would make your slumber deep and more relaxing. Things like temperature, blackout curtains, and comfort levels all play a part. If you want to sleep well tonight, here are some upgrades that can help you almost immediately.

5 Easy Bedroom Upgrades to Change the Way You Sleep

Keeping Yourself Cool

In order to sleep, the body temperature needs to drop. Similarly, once it’s time for you to wake up, the body temperature starts to rise. Therefore in order to fall asleep faster and to sleep better, you need to keep yourself cool. The best way to do this is by getting gel-infused mattresses, which basically don’t absorb in heat. If you are happy with your mattress or don’t have the current budget to change it, then opt for bedding and sheets that will keep you cool instead of warm.

Supportive Pillows

The ABC of sleeping starts with good pillows, after all they determine your true level of comfort. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to pillows, but the right kind of pillow must be supportive and comfortable. For this, you need to take in account your sleeping posture to know what kind would serve you best. For instance, thinner pillows are great for back sleepers, side sleepers require fluffier pillows and in case you tend to move in all directions, then there is a vast range of pillows that are meant for combination sleepers. If you don’t have a specific sleeping style, here are some good pillows that fit all sleeping positions: http://vjpillow.com/best-for-combination-sleepers-reviews/.

Installing Charging Ports Away from Your Bed

Ever since smartphones came into being, sleep patterns have been altered. The reason is simple- the blue light that emits from your device screens tricks your brain into staying awake. So how to break this pattern? It’s easy. Smartphones are known for their horrible batteries, so make use of it by putting them on charge away from your bed. This way, you can actually stay away from your smartphone by putting it on charging and sleeping. And if you rely on your smartphone for basic tasks like waking you up, you can always bring in the old fashioned alarm clock.

Expelling all light - Bedroom Upgrades to Change the Way you Sleep

Expelling All the Light

It’s not just your smartphone that can keep you awake, its virtually all kinds of light that can disturb your sweet slumber. The human skin is really sensitive and can detect even the smallest ray of light, thus derailing your melatonin level. The quick fix is to turn off every light inside the room and blocking out external light by getting your room blackout curtains. The pitch black scene will help you sleep better.

Getting Your Own Share of White Noise

Other than heat and light, another thing that can instantly kill your sleep is noise. Be it the dog’s bark or people chatting outside your room, those pesky little sounds are disturbing. In order to get your own little Zen moment, consider getting yourself a little white noise fan. It produces a fan based noise, much like the one you hear when your air-conditioner is working, and is an excellent way of drowning out any other noise coming from the outside.

Having a good night sleep should be treated more seriously rather than just dwelling on the idea itself. Even if you have to go out of your way, you must absolutely do it for your own wellbeing. Therefore, don’t hesitate to grab on to these little yet effective upgrades.

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