5 Essential Checks Before Moving Into Your New Older Home

If you’ve just bought an old property, congratulations on your new home! You’re probably already envisioning where the couch will go and how to arrange the kitchen. 

But before you set a moving date with the removalists, let’s ensure your new abode is safe and sound. This is especially important to check if the property you’ve purchased has been empty for a long time. Empty houses can hide all sorts of risks. While they may be a bargain to buy, the running costs can ramp up quickly if you don’t do essential repairs first. Here are five vital checks to make before you unpack those moving boxes.

1. Testing the Waters

Before diving headfirst into your new life, let’s talk water quality. While it may look clear and inviting, older properties can harbor hidden contaminants, especially in their plumbing systems. Lead, for instance, might be lurking in the pipes, posing health risks. So, this is something you will need to check and replace.

Beware, however, there may be other reasons why your property’s water is contaminated. The water grid may not be the safest or cleanest in the area. So, this is where solutions like Leaf Home water purification can be a game-changer to ensure the water goes through a safe filtration system. 

Consider having a water quality test to ensure your H2O is safe for sipping.

2. Checking electrical safety

Older homes often boast charm and character, but their electrical systems may not share the same vintage appeal. Outdated wiring can pose serious safety hazards, from faulty outlets to overloaded circuits. Before plugging in your beloved appliances, have a professional inspect the electrical system to ensure it’s up to modern standards. Safety first, always!

3. Foundation

A strong foundation is the backbone of any home, but time can take its toll. If you’ve noticed cracks along the walls or the floor feels a tad wonky during your walkthrough, it’s time to give the foundation a closer look. A sturdy foundation ensures your home stands tall for years to come, so don’t skip this crucial check.

4. Roof Inspection

The roof over your head provides more than just shelter—it safeguards your sanctuary from the elements. However, years of wear and tear can leave it in need of some TLC. Before you move in, assess the roof’s structure for any signs of damage or deterioration. From missing shingles to sagging sections, addressing these issues early on can save you headaches down the road.

5. Structural Strength

Last but certainly not least, let’s talk about the bones of your new home. Structural integrity is paramount, especially in older properties that may have weathered their fair share of storms. Take a thorough tour of the home, paying close attention to stairs, ceilings, and any signs of sagging or shifting. Don’t let structural issues rain on your moving parade—address them promptly to ensure a safe and sturdy home sweet home.

Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone, but safety should always be a top priority. By conducting these essential checks before moving day, you can ensure your new abode is not only cozy but also secure for years of memories to come. Happy moving!

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