5 Essential Maternity Items

Congratulations on your pending bundle of joy! As you prepare for your brand-new life of motherhood, getting good advice is key. However, when it comes to the quintessential maternity wardrobe, many people miss the mark.

They don’t tell you everything you will need and you end up going to the maternity ward without some essential items in your pretty, floral overnight bag. Good thing you are reading this article, we won’t let you down. We will fill in the blanks of what you need to be totally prepared for your never-ending journey into being a mother. 

No Need to Reiterate the Basics – But Just in Case You Are New to the Planet

We’re just kidding! We know you are aware that you are in need of bottoms, blouses and dresses from approximately five to six months into your pregnancy. This mandate is flexible however, because sometimes depending on how you carry your child, you may not need many maternity items. Some mothers-to-be are just fine going up a size or two from their pre-pregnancy level.   

The following five items will round out your bag in exquisite maternity style. No matter if you’ve gained 15 pounds or a ton, you will need our “Requisite Five.”

You will also be decked out and nicely done before you permanently plant your first offspring on your hip, if it’s the last thing we do!

  • Maternity bra – It doesn’t matter if you often go braless – those days are over (well at least for a while). While you are at, it pick up some breast pads as well. Whether you are going to breastfeed the baby or not, you will produce milk and need something to absorb it. Make certain to get a well-fitting bra for comfort and maximum support. Many women go up a few cup sizes during this time and you do not want to have ill support which can translate to drooping breasts later, once your lactation time is done.

  • Maternity tights and compression socks – Most women experience some ankle and leg swelling as a result of the excess fluid from the pregnancy, hormones and overall body changes you go through. Many styles of maternity tights lend extra support to your expanding abdomen as well as gentle compression of your legs to keep the blood flowing and reduce swelling and water retention. 

  • Extra sweater – Bringing along an extra sweater is a good idea because sometimes, the maternity ward is a little cold – hospitals generally are to keep infections to a minimum. It is also a good idea since with all the changes your body is going through with giving birth and even before, you sometimes are the only one who feels cold in a room where everyone else is breaking into a sweat. 

  • Comfortable shoes – resist the urge to take out your kitten heels. Now that you have given birth, you may feel like strutting your stuff a little. Wait to see how your balance is now. You have just undergone a big physical event and you have to get your sea legs first. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your friends definitely didn’t tell you it is a good chance you may go up a half size or more in shoes as a new mother!  

  • Girdle – Getting your uterus back to normal size will be helped by breast feeding if you choose to. A little artificial shaping never hurt anyone. As long as you did not deliver via caesarean section you should be fine to cheat a little.  

Get these essentials on your shopping list and you’ll be good to go. Good luck, and don’t forget to share those adorable pictures with us!

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