5 Home Decor Items That Serve a Practical Purpose

When it comes time to give your home a makeover, efficiency is everything. Not only do you need to add some style to your room or entire home, but you need decorative items that also serve a purpose. Functional decor might seem like something out of a fantasy, but it’s a lot closer than you think. Below are five home decor items that also serve a very practical purpose.


A house just isn’t a home without some type of plant or flower, but those flowers need something to grow in, also. Vases are more than simply vessels in which to place living plants. Instead, they are works of art in and of themselves and can be used to add fashion and function to your home. Find vases that work with your decor and pick plants accordingly and you can spruce up your home in minutes.


You need to know what time it is, but that doesn’t mean the method of obtaining that time has to be drab and dull. There are a wide range of clocks available from large and ornate to sleek and modern, and adding a clock into certain rooms like the kitchen, family room, or bedrooms is a great way to add style while serving a purpose, as well.


Lamps are necessary in order to give light to a room, but they can also be used to add style, as well. You would be amazed at what changing out your lamps – and even your lamp shades – can do for the overall look and feel of your home. For the kids’ room, an LED name sign acts as a stunning personalized aesthetic but also doubles up as a night light.  Form and function come together beautifully in lamps and light fittings that suit the rest of your decor.


Adding shutters to your home, like Sunburst Shutters window treatments, can dramatically improve the appearance of any room, but shutters add far more than just aesthetic value. Shutters allow you to control the light, temperature, and noise of your home and can even help lower your energy costs. Talk about function.


There are certain things you simply must store, but much of the time storage is difficult to work into a room. Fortunately, there are some beautiful home decor items that combine function and flawless design and store a variety of objects. You can find storage that looks like antique books, old suitcases, giant blocks (for children’s rooms), and thousands of other themes and styles. Even plain wicker baskets can be used to store things like dog toys and magazines.

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