5 Mom Hacks To Make Life Easier

Motherhood is one of the hardest journeys that any woman can go on in life. It’s the introduction of a whole new person that you have to feed, look after and manage to keep happy – and all while balancing your own wants and needs at the same time. If there is one thing that you can say about motherhood, it’s that it is not easy. Motherhood is tough, and even the most natural mother is going to find the transition from being just a woman to a mother a tough one – and that’s okay!

Transition is hard, but you can use the five mom hacks below to make your first shot at motherhood one of the best ones that you ever have. You deserve to have the best possible experience at motherhood, so making life easier for yourself is just a smart decision as far as we’re concerned. Are you ready to learn some genius tips that’ll get you through each day? 

Let’s go!

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Invest In A Great Sling

In the beginning, your baby is going to want you, and only you and no one else or their useless nipples will do. There’s a thing called the Fourth Trimester, and if you’re not familiar with it, it’s the first few weeks of newborn life where they are transitioning from womb to world. It’s a tough transition on such a little human who has spent nine months suspended in warm fluid with your heartbeat and voice as comfort. So, you need to invest in a great baby sling. You don’t want a Bjorn, as you want your baby to be sitting in the frog position and not dangling by their diaper. A tired baby wants his Momma, and a sling keeps him close while allowing you to remain hands-free at the same time.

Get Some Help

You may be a Mom on leave, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to be sitting around the house all day eating chocolates. In fact, you will be so swamped in a blur of diapers, night feeds, and naps that the idea of doing anything else is going to seem incredibly overwhelming. So, make it easier. Get a SwiftClean cleaner to come to your home and do the housework. Get your parents over with pre-cooked meals to help you get your nutrition down you so that you can stay alive and kicking while your baby is feeding. You need help, and you shouldn’t feel bad for asking for it, either. There is nothing wrong with leaning on others, so go for it.

Always Buy More

You will never have enough diapers, wipes, cream or Muslin cloths. Your baby is the smallest and most delicate creature you’ve ever seen, but the poonamis that come out of that creature are lethal! You can never have enough supplies in your car or your house, and you should always make sure that you keep supplies in the car, too. What if the house diapers run out? What if your car wipes are gone? You need to remember that you can never have enough back-up options!

Get Out Of The House

Yes, it’s tempting to Netflix and feed in those early days, but the one thing you want to avoid is getting too used to four walls. Postnatal depression is real, and if you stay in the house all day, you’re far more susceptible to it than if you make sure that you get out of the house every once in a while. Join some baby groups and get out of the stale air into the fresh air. Dress your baby accordingly, and as soon as you feel ready to after the birth, go and take a walk. You’ll feel like you’ve blown out the cobwebs.

Make Some Friends

Lastly, go and make some friends. It would help if you had allies as you move through motherhood. They say it takes a village for a reason. It’s not that you need people to help you to look after your baby, but you need people to rant to when you’re exhausted, and you need to feel heard. Other new mothers are your best friends, and you can find them online, in the baby groups you join and via your doctor.

Motherhood is busy, scary, exciting and enjoyable all rolled into one smush of emotions. Get the help you need and make no apologies for making your life as a mother easier. It would help if you felt like you can ask for help and get it.

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