5 Norwegian-Themed Dessert Recipes To Try

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Norway’s hearty cuisine is ideal for the winter. Among the country’s many dishes, there are some great desserts and sweet snacks. Here are just several Norwegian desserts to try this winter.


Commonly eaten around Christmas, Julekake is a holiday classic in Norway. It’s essentially sweet bread with candied fruit in and is commonly served at breakfast with butter or other spreads. Julekake is made the same way as bread, but often with cardamom and add sugar in the mix. Make sure to also mix lots of candied fruits in.


Krumkakes are waffle cookies that are similar in concept to Italian pizzelles – only shaped into cones. You can add various fillings to them from whipped cream and jam to ice cream. This cardamom krumkake recipe is amazing and is well worth trying for those that want to give krumkakes a go. Many Norwegians use specialist krumkake irons to cook these foods.  


Fattigman (aka poor man cookies) are another popular sweet snack from Norway. They are small pastry snacks commonly made from the same ingredients as Goro cookies. Fattigmans tend to be fried and are then sprinkled with sugar. Having a pastry cutter will help when preparing these snacks, but it’s not a necessary tool.


Plommegrateng is an authentic Norwegian fruit cake that uses plumbs. It is usually made using a very light dough and then cooked in a ramekin. This cake is much more suited to after a meal. It’s also possible to use other fruits other than plumbs. For a great plommegrateng recipe, why not check out this recipe here

Granola Med Kirsebaerkompott

This one’s a bit of a mouthful, but a tasty mouthful. It’s a simple dessert that used granola, whipped cream, and cherry compote. Granola is popular in many desserts around Norway, helping to add a crunchy biscuit texture. The whipped cream meanwhile adds creaminess while the cherry compote adds tartness. It’s possible to make your own cherry compote.


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  1. All of these desserts sound really good! I really want to try them all now but I am not sure that I would be able to make them authentically. It would be worth a try though! Thank you so much for sharing. 🙂

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