5 Phone Numbers Your Family Should Always Know

When an emergency arises you want the important phone numbers on hand immediately. Whether you are having a medical emergency, an issue with plumbing or are simply having a bad day, you need to have these numbers programmed into your cell phone. You also want to have the numbers posted on the refrigerator and handed off to the babysitter. Emergencies do happen; you should be prepared.

Emergency Numbers Your Family Should Know
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1. Doctors and Dentists

Whether you have a medical or dental emergency Indianapolis dental practices or primary care physicians’ offices would handle when you are out of town, you need to have these numbers on hand at all times. You never know when you are going to be in need to get in touch with your doctor or schedule an emergency dental session.

2. Emergency Medical Numbers

In the US, 911 is the typical emergency medical number. Poison control is another number to top your list, especially if you hire a babysitter. Poison control hotlines are very helpful and can give you instructions after you call 911. You may also wish to add Animal Control or an emergency veterinary number to this list, as well.

3. Your Preferred Repair Companies

You can make a list of your favorite repair companies and keep it posted in case something terrible should happen. It is best that you find companies with emergency hours in case you need help in a pinch. Find a plumber, emergency electrician, auto mechanic and heating specialist that you trust. You may choose to program a locksmith into your phone, too.  If you know how big an inconvenience being locked out of your vehicle, home or business is, you likely have already heeded this advice.

4. Insurance Companies

You should always have your auto, home and medical insurance numbers ready to go in case of a theft, accident or sudden illness. Most likely you will need the numbers to inquire about benign issues but in some cases it could save you. This way, you can check coverage easily, report incidents and ask questions without wasting time.

5. A Reliable Friend

Unfortunately, a lot of things happen that we cannot control. We may need a ride somewhere, somebody to sit at the house and wait for a repair technician or even just somebody to offer a hug.

Having these numbers available at a moment’s notice allows you to act quickly. Compiling these may simply be more convenient, but you could also save a life. Each of these numbers can help you out of a tough spot.

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  1. I need to know the phone number of a few good Vaucluse locksmiths, any locals able to offer any

    advice from first hand experience? Phone numbers and names would be appreciated.

    Thanks. I had a bad experience picking one out of the phone book last time so

    I prefer personal references..

  2. It is very important to have the Doctor's number because my Dad lives with me and he is elderly. Also another get item to have on the list, is all your appliances and faucet receipts and model numbers for items that you have bought. In case anything goes wrong with these items, you can get help right away. I see the Repair Companies listed! This is so important because emergencies happen when you are a home owner! All the phone numbers on this list are important to have.

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