5 Quirky Home Decor Additions You Need!

You’ve decorated your home interior and you have new paint on the walls and new floors laid down. You’ve added the new furniture that shows the world who you are, and now it’s time to decorate and add those little quirky features that make your home feel like you’re the only one who could ever live there! 

You should be experimental in your efforts, too, as this is your chance to be quirky and give people a welcoming space to come back to when they visit you. You want the place to be as comforting as possible, but that doesn’t mean boring or uniform! Going big and bold with your decor is exciting, so let’s look at five quirky home decor ideas that you really should invest in.

  1. Get Arty. You’ve painted the walls, but they need a little more than paint on them to make them look interesting. Think about how dog art could look and get a painting done of your pet pooch. You can really embrace your artistic side by choosing things that explode with color. 
  2. Accessorize! Fun posters, coffee mugs that brighten the space, coasters, and paperweights are all excellent ideas to spruce up your home space. Quirky accessories can make your home feel special, enhancing its interior and making a difference to the whole room. Large lounge cushions and new seat covers for the dining table can really help, too. 
  3. Brighten The Kitchen. Crockery is necessary, and so when you’re busy adding colorful additions all around the house, don’t forget to replace the kitchen accessories, too. The crockery can go from plain white porcelain to bold colors – and you can paint it yourself! It doesn’t cost a lot to do it, either! Swapping the cupboards around for brighter colors may be a big job, but you can add vinyl to the cabinets for the same effect. You can do so much in the kitchen so don’t leave that room out! 
  4. Go Bold. Cushions, curtains, and rugs, oh my! Ensure that these elements are bright and bold, and you’ll be able to really feel your personality shine through. The brighter you go, the better as you can really make elements of your home pop! Your bedroom and bathroom need to stand out too, and you can do that with your shower curtains and bathroom rugs. It’s all going to go toward that quirky new interior you want! 
  5. Light It Up. Change your light fixtures from the standard ones to ceiling pendants in new colors that are funky and unusual. Don’t be afraid to experiment here, as you can create a much warmer and more inviting space with the right lighting.

Your home can be so much brighter with the right accessories, so take your time to choose ones that suit your home and suit your personality all at the same time. Your home is your castle – make it a brightly colored one!

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