5 Reasons You Need a Home Security System

The peace of mind that comes with adding an extra layer of security to your home is phenomenal. Being alerted to any attempts to access your home – straight to your smartphone – is a huge weight off your shoulders, which leaves you to go about your day worry-free. If your children or pets sometimes have to stay home alone, a security and monitoring system offers immense reassurance.

Home security system providers like ADT Home Security offer a wide range of services, from burglar alarms and smoke detectors to the less obvious like medical safety alerts and temperature controls. We’ve listed all the important benefits you’ll get from installing a state of the art security system in your home. 

#1 Protect Your Family from Burglaries

If you live in a residential neighborhood, there’s always the fear that someone might try to break into your home and steal your belongings, and even worse, terrify your family. There are plenty of home security options to deter and prevent break-ins, and record the incident if the worst happens and it does occur.

Some systems will simply alert your phone and sound an alarm if a security barrier is broken, but if you choose one with a camera, the surveillance footage will be at hand to help catch the culprit. You may also consider installing smart locks, so you can remotely control the door locks to your home. No more wondering all day if you had forgotten to lock your door when you left the house.

#2 Detect Smoke, Fire and Carbon Monoxide

Detecting these life-threatening leaks and issues before they escalate could be the difference between life and death. Most home security system operators can install the latest and most up-to-date technology in smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors in your home, so you can rest easy. If these detectors pick up any changes, you’ll be immediately alerted whether you are in the house or out.

Carbon Monoxide is a colorless gas with no smell and is extremely difficult to pick up without a sensor – it’s important that your home should have one. If detected, emergency responders will be sent directly to you to find the cause of the leak before serious damage is done.

#3 Defend Against Flooding

If you live in an area with high risk of flooding, it will be a good idea to install a flood monitoring system. Water sensors will be placed in your home, which can detect rising water levels and send out an alert to you and the connected Monitoring Center should the need arise. This ensures that water damage to your home is kept to a minimum in the event of a flood.

#4 Monitor Your Family’s Medical Needs

If there is someone who requires round the clock medical surveillance in your family, there are monitoring services that can ensure they get the specialist attention they need, fast. You will be provided with a button which is connected to 24-hour monitored voice intercom. If you press it when you need assistance, you can speak to someone who will put you directly through to the correct emergency services. Sleep easy with the knowledge that your family can get expert medical attention with the touch of a button.

#5 Control Your Home’s Temperature

Home security systems feature the newest technology, enabling you to control your home’s temperature from afar. Get instant access to information about the temperature of your home, and if you need to amend it, you can do so from your smartphone.

This will mitigate the dangers of frozen water pipes whilst you’re on holiday, or stop you from spending needless money by allowing you to turn off your heating while you’re out. Alternatively, you can ensure your house is cool when you return home in the hot summer months. Simply have the temperature monitors installed in your house, and download the connecting app to remotely control the climate in your home.

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