5 Reasons Your Progress on the Road to Fitness Has Slowed

When you make a conscious effort to get fit, falling short of your goals is immensely frustrating. While it can leave you contemplating the prospect of giving up, there is no need to wave the white flag. You simply need to identify the issues that have slowed your progress before implementing the changes needed to get things back on track.

Unfortunately, many people fall into the trap of following the same processes and expecting different results. If you are worried about stagnation, the issues listed below could be the source of your problems. Here’s how you can overcome them.

You’re Focusing On The Wrong Goals

When starting a fitness program, most people set out intentions like losing X amount of pounds in a set time. The problem with this is that you will see progress as a failure if you fall short of the target, which is very likely if you make an unrealistic aim. 

Therefore, one of the smartest moves you’ll ever make is to start focusing on performance-based goals. Tracking and improving your vo2 max levels, for example, will deliver far better results that allow you to work even harder. Crucially, you will find the fitness journey enjoyable rather than only liking the results.

Besides, other benefits like fat loss and an improved body image will come as a byproduct of performance-based progress. If that doesn’t inspire you to alter your approach, nothing will.

Lifestyle Habits Are Holding You Back

Stress will ruin your life as well as your fitness

Even if you spend one hour of each day in the gym, that equates to less than 5% of your life. If you want to see significant results, it’s vital that you support yourself by making the right decisions in all aspects of your life. Bad habits will continue to limit your progress.

Learning to manage stress should be one of the top items on the agenda. Otherwise, your workouts will suffer and risk of injuries will increase. Likewise, stress may cause you to experience performance anxiety. Meanwhile, getting a good night’s sleep ensures that you have the energy and motivation for workouts. It’s the least that you deserve.

Of course, following a healthy nutrition plan and staying hydrated are valuable features of your fitness program. Tweaking those for optimized results could make a huge difference.

You Work The Same Muscles Each Day

For muscles to grow, you must give them time to rest between workouts. It is the reason that you will see bodybuilders follow a rota. Even when you are completing sporting challenges, it’s always good to mix things up. If nothing else, it keeps your mind engaged.

Finding a great biceps workout for a Monday session could be followed by a quads workout on a Tuesday. Meanwhile, incorporating cardio days and weight days will serve you well. Or if training for a sport, you could focus on different skills in each session. Ultimately, the key is to find balance in your exercise to promote better results and prevent boredom.

It is additionally a great way to prevent injuries by overworking one muscle group. Sadly, you will not see any progress if you are regularly forced to take extended rehab breaks.

Fitness Isn’t Fun

As already mentioned, enjoying the journey is as important as loving the results. While many people focus on the exercises that promise to deliver the biggest gains, it may be better to find something that is actually fun. The main reason for this is clear: consistency.

The routines you enjoy may only deliver 80% of the results that another session may offer. However, the fun factor ensures that you keep coming back. Over time, this will yield a far greater level of progress. Because if you do not enjoy the activities that you select, maintaining your motivation beyond the first few weeks will be very tough indeed.

More importantly, getting fit is supposed to improve your quality of life. The fact that exercise will be seen as an enjoyable habit will fit perfectly into this concept. 

Don’t Forget to Bring the Fun!

You’re Not Pushing Yourself

While enjoyment is crucial, that doesn’t mean workouts should be easy. If you are determined to get faster or stronger, you must set challenges that have these goals in mind. Otherwise, you may find yourself simply going through the motions. 

Signing up for a half marathon or another event is a great way to incentivize yourself to work harder. Alternatively, you could set a goal to see how much progress can be made in a set amount of time. Don’t put a definitive target on the situation, though. Simply look to achieve the best results you can before subsequently celebrating your success.

If you’re not prepared to put the effort in, you will not see the results you crave. It is truly that simple. When combined with the steps above, your fitness journey should look far brighter. 

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