5 Rules to Live By for Easy Everyday Style

What is the secret to enviable style? Believe it or not, a wardrobe full of labels and high-end accessories isn’t the answer. A true fashionista can be stylish on any budget, which means you can be too.

Want to know the real secret to easy everyday style? Take a look at these five simple style rules.

1. Always Wear Good Underwear

Just like your makeup, a good base for your clothes can work wonders for your outfit, not to mention Mom always used to say never leave the house without clean underwear! We’re talking about items though that fit and accentuate your shape to give you a good starting point. Your wardrobe should contain a selection of camisoles and slips that stop your clothes from being see-through, while also helping your clothes to skim your body better. Make sure you get measured regularly to ensure you wear things that are the right fit.

2. Choose High-Quality Fabrics

Choosing clothing made from better quality fabrics will give you pieces that last longer and wear well. High-quality fabrics don’t have to come with a high price tag, and you pick up some great pieces from your favorite stores. Get into the habit of checking the label to see what something is made of before you buy – avoid polyester and instead look out for silk, cotton, wool and other natural fabrics.

3. Always Accessorize

Accessories can turn a regular outfit from drab to fab. A couple of statement necklaces, some bracelets and a belt to cinch in your waist can easily improve your outfit and make it more stylish. Roma Designer Jewelry has some amazing timeless pieces that will complete any look. Statement pieces or classics like pearls are always great for upgrading your look so it’s good to have a jewelry box full of stylish pieces you can add to your look.

4. Tailor Your Clothing

Wearing clothes that are fitted to your body are great for making the most of your shape and making sure clothes don’t look too big or small. You don’t need to spend a fortune at a tailor to get your clothes to fit as you want them to, there are tips for perfect tailoring that will ensure a great fit every time.

5. Focus on Classic Looks, NOT Trends

Parisians always know how to demonstrate good style, so if you want to look good every day then why not embrace classic Parisian style tips? Instead of trying to pull off every trend that’s come from the catwalk this season, focus on wearing your classic pieces well and mixing them with a some on-trend pieces. When choosing which trends to follow, try thinking of pieces that will last more than a season to get the most out of your investment.

Easy everyday style doesn’t have to be difficult, all it takes is learning how to dress well using what you’ve got. If you are looking to update your wardrobe, there are ways to get the look on a budget for effortless style. No matter what you choose to wear, always choose comfort so that you feel good on the inside while looking great on the outside.

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