5 Self-Care Goals for The New Year

Now that this year is almost over; it’s high time to look forward to the New Year! Many of us set goals each year, whether they are career goals or personal goals. But how many of you set goals for self-care? If you don’t set self-care goals for yourself, then the new year could well be your year to make that change! Self-care goals can be a great way to keep our mental and physical health a top priority. Here are a few neat ideas to consider.

1. Try something new 

Taking up a new hobby is a fantastic way to really improve your self-care. When you learn new things, you gain skills, express yourself, improve your confidence, and sometimes make new friends too. Perhaps there’s always a hobby out there that you’ve always liked the sound of? Maybe there’s a language that you’ve always wanted to learn? Whatever it is, put it on your to-do list and make it happen! 

2. Try Meditation 

Perhaps you’ve heard about meditation, but you’re not sure where to start? The good news is that there are several meditation apps available to help you to get you going. Mindfulness meditation is excellent to practice observing thoughts and then letting them flow through the brain without judgment. Focused meditation is a great way to clear your mind by focusing only on your breathing. Taking a yoga class can be a great intro (as they often use simple meditation practices). 

3. Try supplements 

Supplements can be an excellent addition to your diet to give your mental health a boost. When you’re having trouble sleeping, a magnesium supplement can be an excellent way to help you to relax. For those who get anxious and find it tough to unwind, try herbs like ashdawagna as this has excellent calming properties. Essential oils like ylang-ylang are also beneficial to boost your mood and help you to feel more positive. 

For more information on supplements, check out this infographic on how supplements get absorbed into the body, and how you can maximize their impact!

Infographic Provided by Antares Health Products

4. Working week self-care

When it comes to self-care, many of us tend to relax on the weekends but forget about the working week! Make it your 2020 priority to get those self-care practices into your working week as well as your weekends. One easy way that you can do this is to get a little creative with your lunch breaks.

Instead of simply looking at your social media over lunch-why not shake things up a little? Take a walk amongst nature or try a lunchtime yoga class? Having regular breaks at work to relax is vital for our health. If we become overworked, we tend to suffer from fatigue, which can make us more likely to have an accident. If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered an accident at work, it’s important to seek out a proper personal injury attorney

5. Spoil yourself more 

Many of us are guilty of just not spoiling ourselves enough, which is a real shame! In the coming new year, why not make it your mission to spoil yourself a little more? Indulge in a massage every once in a while, or treat yourself to a few extra luxury items. Take more long hot baths and allow yourself more ‘me time.’

Now that’s a New Year’s Resolution that no one can resist!

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  1. I keep saying I am going to do this. 2020 is the year. I am going to pray my way through this. Thank you for the great article

  2. I really need to work on this. I don’t spend enough time taking care of me. Thank you for these great suggestions. God Bless

  3. I’m still rrcovering from a long illness, so self-care is something I like the idea of. These sound good to me.

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