5 Signs That It Is Time to Upgrade Your Windows

Okay, if your window has smashed glass and those frames are hanging on for dear life, it’s pretty obvious that you need to buy some new ones. But how about those signs that are a little less obvious to the human eye? If you leave it too late, all kinds of bad things can happen to your home. So if you are feeling a little twitchy every time your old windows catch your eye, perhaps you should read this short article for some peace of mind. 

5 Signs It's Time to Change Your Windows

Single Pane Windows

If your home was built before 1970, the chances are that you have wooden single pane windows in place. That may not sound too bad but it isn’t that good either. Your windows will be susceptible to letting in a lot of draughty and unwelcome air all year around. In the summer your home will feel stuffy, and in the winter, well you can guess the rest! By replacing these with high quality vinyl windows from your local reputable supplier, you will be onto a winner from day one. 

Poor Visibility

When it becomes a real task just to see things through your window, you should probably look into replacing them now. This isn’t just an inconvenience, it also lowers the value of your home and will leave you feeling pretty low as a result. It is usually caused by a combination of condensation, fading and overall surface damage to your existing glass. Get those bay windows upgraded for a better quality of life sooner rather than later. 

Difficult To Open or Close 

Do you often find yourself struggling with opening or closing your windows at home? This should not be the case and is a clear sign that they are screaming out to be replaced. Damaged windows, as these probably are, will cause issues with poor ventilation and can offer an easy entry point for opportunistic thieves. They may even slam shut on an unsuspecting visitor and that is the last thing that you need to be worrying about. 

Hard To Sleep

If you are finding it harder to get some quality sleep at night, it may be down to those damaged windows. If they are not capable of sound insulation, then perhaps they are on their way out for good. Decent windows will dampen any external sounds and will offer privacy the other way around also. Get rid of those single pane windows and look forward to double, or even triple pane replacements instead. 


If your house looks great except for those old wooden framed windows, you know that it is time to get rid of them for good. The 1970’s may be making a comeback in the music scene but it is definitely a decade best forgotten as far as house styles are concerned. Replace them with some lovely vinyl framed replacements and all of your worries will soon melt away. 

If any of these 5 tell-tale signs seem a little too familiar, get on the phone to your local window replacement company today for some instant peace of mind. 

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