5 Signs You Need to Cut Down Trees in Your Yard

Overhanging trees on property

Trees are some of the best things you can have on your property for natural beauty. They provide shade during the hot summer and help in fresh air circulation. Living around trees, study shows, can help one live longer. Despite all the good things and benefits that trees bring to your home, sometimes it reaches a point when you must cut down some of them. When this time comes, one has to be sure that they know the right signs that show it is time to contact professionals such as Fallbrook tree service for advice or to have the trees cut down.

So, what are some of the signs that you need to cut down some trees in your yard? We shall discuss these signs in this article.

Overhanging Branches

This is one of the signs that a tree needs to be cut down. If your trees have overhanging branches that stretch over your property, the only safe thing for you to do is have it cut down. You see, if these branches were to fall on your roof, it would be costly to have it repaired. However, not all the trees that have overhanging branches will need to be cut. Some of these branches can be trimmed instead of having the trees cut down.

The Tree is Diseased

You do not want to have sick trees on your property. If a tree shows signs of sickness, then it must be removed or treated so that it does not fall on the property. To know if a tree is diseased, check its back, discoloration of the leaves, rotten roots or weak branches. To be on the safe side, you can contact a tree specialist to come and assess the condition of your trees.

The Growth of Fungus on the Tree

When a tree exhibits signs of fungus growth, this means that it is not healthy and could fall on your property. You will see some things that look like mushrooms growing on the base of the tree or on the trunk. If your assessment shows that the growth of the fungus is extensive, or the trunk is damaged, then the right thing to do is to have the tree removed from your property.

Pests are Present on the Tree

Trees are often a good habitat for animals, rodents, and birds. These can be annoying creatures that could cause you more disturbance and annoyance. If a tree on your property is attracting scorpions, worms, and rodents, it will be harmful to you in the long run. It could attract pests that could eventually find their way into your building. If you can’t sort out this problem in any way, the best thing for you to do is to cut down the tree.

The Roots of the Tree are Invasive

Trees normally have roots growing vertically and horizontally. The horizontal roots can be invasive. They could intrude your home and cause cracking of the foundation or the floors. They may also be a plumbing nightmare, hence causing you unnecessary repairs that could be costly as well. The best remedy for such a problem is to have the tree cut down.

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