5 Spaces In Your Home You Should Be Doing More With

Every family feels like they’re running out of space in the home. However, you often find that people who feel that way don’t realize just how much space in their home is currently going to waste or not being used to its full potential. It’s a case of simply being blind to the vast range of possibilities that are out there for how you can make better use of spaces. There’s no need to be left in the dark for a second longer though because the ideas we’re about to discuss will make you reconsider how you use your home.

If you’re willing to carry out big changes to key areas of your home, you could create so much extra space for your family to make use of. Of course, this will mean having to spend some money and deal with a little renovation work in your home, but if it improves the quality of life your family has inside your home, it will all be worthwhile. It could even prevent you from having to move to a bigger home, which would save you more money than you spend on all this.

So read on if you want to change how you use your home. You’ll learn about the 5 key spaces in your home you should be doing more with.

5 Spaces in Your Home - The Spare Bedroom

1. The Spare Room

Your spare room shouldn’t be a place where you store old cardboard boxes and that exercise bike you bought a couple of Christmases back but never used. Instead, it should be a place with a purpose. It’s a room that has so much potential, and there is no end of ways to make use of it without simply making it a room for junk and general storage. So maybe now is the time for you to have a big clear out of that room.

After that you’ll need to think about what to do with it. A simple yet elegant guest bedroom could be a good idea. That way, you’ll have a place for friends to sleep if you want to host them and let them have a drink and a good time without needing to drive home. Or you could host family members who live further afield more easily than ever before. It opens all kinds of options like those.

One interesting idea to consider is using your spare bedroom to make money. This might not be suitable for everyone, but many people decide to take on a lodger who pays rent and uses that room for a fixed amount of time depending on the agreement. It’s something that many parents do when their kids have flown the nest, and it’s a really good way to bring in a little extra cash each month.

2. The Attic

The attic is another room that is often used for little more than storage. However, making this room functional is not as easy as clearing it out and making new use of it the way you can with a neglected spare room. There is lots of construction and renovation work that must go into the conversion process before the attic can be used safely on a consistent basis, so keep than in mind. The disruption isn’t for everyone.

You should also remember that adding a new room to your home can add a lot of value to it. A converted loft will more than pay for itself when you come to sell the property because its value will be raised as a result. One of the major reasons why families consider an attic conversion is because of a new arrival in the family. When you have a new child and no more rooms spare, you must either do something like convert the loft or have two children sharing. And the latter solution isn’t ideal.

Even if you don’t need the extra bedroom for a child, it could be a perfect play area for the kids you have right now. And it will continue to be useful if you ever do need to adapt it into another bedroom for a baby in the future. It’s an adaptable space that usually goes to waste, so it’s something worth considering if you’re willing to invest some money.

5 Spaces In Your Home - The Outdoor Space

3. The Outdoor Space

Your garden doesn’t have to just be a garden, and that’s something that more and more homeowners are now realizing. Why shouldn’t you create a small studio space in your garden if you have the room for it? They’re small, compact and usually easy to get planning permission for because they’re not all that much bigger than a large garden shed. And you can do so many different things with it once it’s been completely constructed.

Lots of people choose to create something like this when they want to add an office space to their home. More people are working from home than ever before thanks to telecommuting, and that means more people need functional home offices. Having a separate space in the garden is obviously appealing because it’s away from the chaos, noise and distractions of the rest of the family home. It becomes an ideal working space for home workers.

There are plenty of other things a space like this in your garden can be used for though. Many people create a little retreat or man cave that’s their private space away from the main home. Or it could be a soundproofed space that allows you to practice your musical instrument. The options are endless, so definitely think about whether a space like this could benefit you. It’s another option that will cost money to make happen, but it could still be worth it for many homeowners.

4. The Garage

If your garage is so full of clutter and junk that you can’t even fit your car in there anymore, you’re wasting an opportunity. There are so many benefits that come with protecting your car in a secure garage. It can even make your car insurance cheaper because it will be less likely to get damaged. So, it’s time to clear out the stuff you don’t need and then move your car into that space instead. And if your garage is big enough, you should have some space left over for tools and maybe a workstation.

Once your car is in your garage, you will need to make sure that it’s secure and safe. Head to https://www.bestdoors.com.au/ if you’re thinking of investing in new solid doors for your garage. This will protect your car even more and make it pretty much impossible for any petty criminal to break in. These days, the locking and shutting mechanisms in these systems are immense, and they offer you a functional solution to your security needs.

With your car now properly protected inside your garage, you might be more willing to tune the car up and care for it more inside your garage. People often don’t like doing that stuff when they must park on the side of the road. But in the privacy of your garage, you can take better care of your car and keep it running smoothly all year round.

5 Spaces In Your Home - The Basement

5. The Basement

Basements are often cold and creepy, but yours doesn’t have to be. It’s very easy to get some insulation down there and a proper electrical supply for lights and whatever else you want to power. Many people choose to turn their basements into little home bars for gatherings with friends. It’s a nice private space away from the rest of the house, and if you’re currently doing nothing with your basement, that’s something that needs to change.

It could also be a space dedicated to fun and games in your home. Everyone needs a place where they can blow off steam and have a good time. So, you could turn it into a space for playing table football, air hockey or table tennis. You deserve a space where you can have fun with friends or with the rest of your family, so this idea is not as frivolous as it might sound. It could even help to make your family closer.

If you’re worried about your fitness but don’t have the time or money to throw at a gym membership, you could convert your basement into a private home gym. All you need is the basic equipment that you enjoy using most, and it’s even more appealing because you won’t be worrying about which sweaty person was using the machine before you. When you improve your fitness, you improve your life, so give it some thought.

These spaces can do so much for you and your family if you make the right changes to them. Be sure to take the path that you feel is best for your family because every family is different and has different needs and priorities. But the one thing you shouldn’t do is let these spaces go to waste for a second longer.

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