5 Things You Can Do to Look More Alert

Working from home is a dream that is turning to a nightmare under lockdown. For a lot of people, staying motivated and engaged for a day of zoom meetings, day after day, is proving hard work. The reason is called self-isolation stress. Indeed, being forced to stay at home affects your mood. As a result, you can feel sluggish in the morning. You find it hard to sit down and work; your brain is foggy, and you can’t concentrate. But with a few simple tricks, you can look and feel alert for your next zoom meeting. Here’s how: 

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#1. Switch to a healthy diet

We get it. Everybody needs yummy snacks and foods that make us happy. However, you can’t decently survive the lockdown on donuts, pizza, and energy drinks only. Instead, you need to detox your body from junk food. Things are going to taste weird for a few days until your palate gets used to it, but a veg-heavy diet with plenty of water can do wonders. Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in antioxidants and nutrients: You’re guaranteed to wake up looking refreshed! 

#2. Get your winning smile

Urgh, smiling at the camera to welcome your colleagues can be stressful when you’re not confident about your teeth. Stained teeth can affect your social behavior. Simple changes, such as ordering a dental veneer solution to place on your teeth, can transform your attitude. When you’re stuck at home, you need all the help you can muster to lift your mood. Smiling, as it happens, is one of those things that can make you instantly feel happy. A happy mind is more alert. 

#3. Schedule more sleep 

As tempting is it to stay up late and binge-watch your favorite TV show, you need to stick to a strict routine. You need plenty of sleep to help your body go through the stress of the lockdown. Dark rings and puffy eyes is not a look you want to promote during your next zoom meeting. If you’re going to feel more confident in front of the webcam, you need to get your 8 hours of sleep each night. 

#4. Have a skincare wonder tool

We all have bad days. You wake up in the morning looking like you’ve run a double marathon overnight. Why do you look so tired? The answer could be a combination of bad diet, lack of sleep, high stress, and hormonal imbalance – is it that time of the month again? But you can brighten up your complexion in a few minutes to be zoom-ready. You can add a miracle worker to your beauty products. A quick recovery mask that makes you look fresh and beautiful in under 10 minutes can be a life-saver! 

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#5. Get dressed to work

It does without saying, loungewear fashion has exploded since the beginning of the lockdown. But if you want to feel a little more put together, it’s worth slipping into a shirt and a pair of jeans before your next zoom meeting. Leave the pajamas for the bedroom. Making the effort to get changed prepares your mind for the day. 

Ready to log in and impress during your next zoom call? As more and more people rely on video calls to bridge the gap in self-isolation, looking and feeling your best will boost your motivation dramatically. Nothing beats an alert mind and face on camera! 

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