5 Items to Consider Before Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery was once a big secret. Now, Hollywood and Heads of State have made it a common part of life. Many people look to cosmetic surgery to improve health, enhance business prospects and for an increased emotional health achieved through a better self-image.

However, even with the best advancements in technology, there have been cases of undesired complications from cosmetic surgery. To mitigate the risks of undesired results there are five important things that should be considered before making a final decision to get cosmetic surgery.


The consideration to have cosmetic surgery is often a life decision. Cosmetic surgery should be a step of enhancement rather than a solution to happiness. Can you imagine going through the recovery and expense of a procedure, only to find that your self-image has remained the same? The goal of a reputable counsellor is not to change the decision. The value of counselling is to reinforce the decision.

This step helps to ensure that the expectations after the surgery are realistic. Dr. David Song, past president of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), noted that “any decent cosmetic surgeon should conduct at least some form of psychological screening before undergoing a procedure.” He shared that, on average, for every 10 patients that come to him for a procedure, only 3 to 4 of them follow through with surgery. Counselling will help establish the motivation to change, what to change and why, and clarify the expectations for the procedure.


Uncovering the expectations of a cosmetic procedure is a multi-dimensional step. Not only should the patient have realistic expectations but the intended surgeon should agree that the expectations are reasonable. A critical part of that consideration is residual health benefits, as well as social and financial costs.

For example, a more youthful look can have positive effects in a person life far beyond simple vanity. The joint decision between the doctor and patient in this scenario should be, “how much is enough?” A reality check would be that a patient should expect to erase 20 to 30 years away overnight. In general, a responsible surgeon will provide guidance to procedures that will help the patient reach their goal of self-improvement, without making them a stranger in the mirror.


Cosmetic surgery candidates should be responsible for themselves to help mitigate any potential risks associated with their intended procedure. This can include changes in diet and lifestyle. It is important to share conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or other conditions that could complicate surgery with the physicians during the planning process, as well as all medications that the patient takes regularly.

In the period leading up to the procedure, it is in the best interest of the patient to stop or reduce smoking and have a diet that is nutritious and well balanced. Post procedure, patients should plan sufficient relaxation time to heal properly. Researching the procedure and doctors can help the patient gain an understanding and establish a comfort zone regarding their track record and how to avoid the complications that can result from cosmetic surgery.


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  1. I think my biggest problem with this type of surgery for me is I would have high expectations. Thank you for sharing.

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