5 Tips for a Family Road Trip to Maintain Your Sanity

Ahh, the great family day out. Nothing’s better than hitting the road with the people you love most, is it? There’s the open road, the wind in your hair, and, oh yeah…the noise your kids make in the back of the car.

Any family has their share of disastrous road trips. You know the ones; the kids are so loud in the back you have no choice but to turn around and come home. It’s disappointing for everyone, but still, your kids don’t learn their lesson. Next time you hit the road, the noise levels are the same. And on it goes.

Before long, there’s no idea worse than taking your kids for a day trip. It’s a definite no-no if you want a peaceful life. Or, is it? While there’s no denying that noisy kids are a nightmare, there are ways around this issue. And, considering these is a much better option than taking trips off the cards altogether. After all, quality family time is essential. On top of which, days out like these can teach your kids a great deal about history and nature.

So, what does it take to keep things tolerable on the trip there? We’ve got a few things up our sleeves.

Obligatory bathroom break before you set off

First thing should be an obligatory bathroom break before heading off. How many times does the noise from the back seat have to do with needing to go? If your kids are anything like most, this happens fairly often. And, the best way to avoid it is to make sure everyone pays a trip to the bathroom before you head off. That means you, too. It would hardly make the right impression if everyone had to stop because you didn’t follow your advice!

Leave on full stomachs

You don’t need us to tell you that everyone gets that bit more irritable when they’re hungry. This is especially the case for youngsters who have yet to master their emotions. If they’re hungry and cranky, it’s a lot more likely they’ll kick up a fuss and make noise in the backseat. And, if you’re hungry and grumpy, it’s a lot less likely you’ll be able to deal with that. To avoid this clashing of personalities, make sure everyone eats a decent meal before setting off.

road trip snacks

It’s also well worth taking along a supply of snacks should any get hungry along the way. Though it’s essential you avoid options with high processed sugar here. That’s a sure way to even more backseat noise. Instead, opt for prepared fruit which will give everyone a boost without sending them hyper.

Keep kids separate

If your kids spend the whole journey arguing, it might be worth separating them next time you take to the car. While this isn’t something many parents consider, it is a sure way to reduce in-travel audio. Of course, it’s essential you do this in the right way to avoid even more arguing. Take it in turns to let one kid sit up front while the other takes to the back seat. While sitting in the back might not have been what you had in mind, this is the best way to an easy life. What’s more, your kids are much more likely to behave if they both have one of you adults sitting next to them. As soon as the volume starts to rise, it’ll be easy to intervene without turning around and taking unnecessary risks. Give this a go for one trip and see how you get along. If the volume decreases drastically, it might be worth adopting this method each time you head out.

delve into the devices

Delve into devices

Whatever your opinion on devices and your kids, these are a fantastic way to keep harmony in the car. Through the use of kid-friendly tablets, you can ensure they’re kept quiet through the journey. Often, it’s even possible to upload all their favorite movies beforehand.

Keep those devices charged, and they’ll be more than enough to keep the kids entertained during long journeys. If you aren’t willing to splash out on tablets, you could always let the kids loose on your phone. Bear in mind, though, that they could do damage if you aren’t watching them. This may not be the best choice if they’re in the back without supervision.

Make sure, too, to stock up on some decent headphones. These will ensure you don’t have to listen to those films you hear enough at home. You could click here to get an idea of your options or do some research of your own. Either way, look out for something which is sure to block as much noise as possible. Then, you’ll be free to have some sane conversations without having to shout over the back seat.

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Give regular updates

‘Are we there yet’ is the most common and irritating thing you’re likely to hear during any car journey. If you’ve got more than one child back there, it’s likely that everyone will join in the chanting. Before you know it, you’ll be about ready to go straight back home again. Give it long enough and you’ll be thinking even arguing would be better than this incessant question. But, remember that your kids have no sense of direction. They won’t know how long the journey takes, or how far away they are. So, when they ask this, they really do want to know. To avoid this getting on your nerves, try to give regular updates.

When you get in the car, let them know what time you should be getting home. It may be best to exaggerate this so that you can be sure you’ll arrive in time. Throughout the journey, get into the habit of turning back and giving them small updates. Avoid them asking by telling them how much longer you have to go, or giving them information about your surroundings. As well as keeping things peaceful, this could prove educational. Isn’t that always a bonus?

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