5 Tips for Finding an Affordable Designer Prom Dress

I know, I know … we are in the midst of the holiday season but before you know it, prom season is going to be first and foremost on the minds of young girls everywhere who are looking for an affordable designer prom dress.

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We all know how important the prom is and when it comes to your outfit, this is a time to go designer, but that doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars. You have probably seen a few designer shops in the mall and not bothered going in when you see the price tags. There are ways you can source a top-quality prom dress without having to take out a bank loan.

Start Looking Early

By bookmarking web pages, you can track items and even receive notifications when prices are slashed. Every week, spend an hour searching through preferred dresses and this should lead to a discounted deal.

Online Store

What makes an online store different from the mall stores? They don’t have a retail outlet, which is very costly to run and therefore prices are much lower. You may also find a stunning prom dress on sale at Peaches Boutique, one of the trusted stores that represent a long list of famous designers, such as Sherri Hill, Morilee, and Jovani. Remember to order in advance to allow for minor alterations, which your local seamstress can do.

Compare Prices

Thanks to Google, you can easily browse many online stores and there’s no rush with online shopping. You can, for example, create a wish list and leave items in your shopping cart, which will still be there when you return to the site. Some stores have inventory they wish to move quickly and they put certain items on special, saving you a couple of hundred dollars.

Second Hand Dresses

As you would expect, there is a big market for second-hand designer dresses; Facebook sales groups are good places to look, where you will find gowns that women have only worn once and many are from top designers and have a lot of wear left in them. A married woman might be clearing out her home and come across that prom dress she wore the one time, and with space being needed, she decides to sell it on a social media platform.

Talk To Mom

Who knows? She might have her own prom dress in the wardrobe and failing that, think about relatives. Your mom might decide that you should have a memorable prom and you can sit down with her and show her the dress you want; just make sure it isn’t too expensive. Mom is definitely your best ally when looking for a designer dress and if your birthday is looming, that’s perfect!

Of course, you could take a chance on a young dressmaker who is looking for some hands-on experience and a few social media posts should hook you up with the right person. If it is possible, a designer dress is a good long-term investment, as there will be other occasions when the garment can be worn. Planning early is a good start and with the above tips, you should find the dress of your dreams and enjoy the prom experience.

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