5 Tips for Helping Children to Actually Enjoy Moving

five tips for helping children enjoy moving

If you are going to be moving to a new neighborhood soon, you may be wondering if the transition is going to be a difficult one for your children. Fortunately, children have a natural sense of adventure that serves them well during times of adjustment. Nonetheless, there are several ways that parents can help the move go smoothly. 

Visit Your Child’s New School

Although many children thrive on meeting new people and having new experiences, others feel significant anxiety in unfamiliar social situations. Taking your child on a visit to his or her soon-to-be new school can help ease the fear of the unknown. The process of moving will be easier if the child isn’t completely reluctant to leave, but visiting the new school before the move is only possible if you’re only going a relatively short distance away. 

Enlist the Help of Friends and Family

Even children who are looking forward to making new friends at their new school can become cranky during the actual process of moving. If there is any possible way that you can ask friends or family members care for them during the move, the transition will go more smoothly for everyone. This works well with both cross-country moves as well as short moves across town. 

Combine Your Move With an Adventurous Road Trip

Face it, nobody wants to suffer through the ordeal of a long-distance move driving the family vehicle with small children on board. For times when this situation can’t be avoided, incorporate some aspects of an adventurous road trip into the journey. Taking the time to stop at interesting things along the way can make a lengthy car trip less tedious. 

Try Not to Allow Your Own Stress to Show too Much

Because children typically soak up the moods of those around them, particularly when parents or other important adults in their lives are involved, outward displays of stress can cause children to experience anxiety. Even if the move is a difficult one for you, try your best to stay as upbeat as possible in the presence of the children. While many people look to save money and do much of the move on their own, the stress often ends up being worth spending money on professional movers. One moving company in Toronto, Jia Jia International Moving Inc., is among those that offer fully trained movers at competitive prices.  If you look around enough, you will probably be surprised by the value you can find in hiring help with your moving process, especially if you’re moving a longer distance. 

Plan Something Extra Special for Your First Night in Your New Home

Your children will handle the actual moving day better if they have something special to look forward to once you reach your destination. Whether it’s a night out in a fun new restaurant, or favorite movies and pizza, everything will be easier when everyone can happily anticipate the day’s end. Associating their new digs with a  happy memory as soon as possible is always a good idea. 

As with most things in life involving young children, proper planning and preparation go a long way toward smoothing out life’s transitions. Moving doesn’t have to be so tough for kids if you heed some of these tips and adapt to your kids’ needs.

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  1. Great post! It isn't easy to move with kids but it is not impossible. Plan ahead and try to make it fun! If the kids are involved, it may make the process go smoother. Trying to keep a positive outlook is very important!

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