5 Tips for New Parents: Creating a Safe Environment for Your Baby

With so many new and exciting adventures in the life of a new parent, child proofing your home can often go unnoticed until it is absolutely needed. These five tips for new parents will help them think of safety first and has great solutions for even the most inconspicuous safety hazard.

Creating a Safe Environment for Your Baby: 5 Tips for New Parents

The Fireplace

This decorative and functional feature of most homes is often forgotten about until baby begins to crawl. Though a fireplace can keep a room warm in the winter and is a great place to display family pictures, the harsh edges and corners of the hearth can be very dangerous to your little one so close to ground. A great way to baby-proof this part of your home while keeping it aesthetically appealing is to use a hearth cover in a fabric that matches the color scheme of the room. Parents could make this a quick DIY project. There are other obvious safety concerns with a fireplace, though, and utmost care should be taken to keep kids safe, especially when the fireplace is in use.

Power Strips

One of the first thoughts a new parent may have is the electric outlets on just about every wall in your house. But another electrical danger just waiting for baby is the power strip. Though it may be convenient to energize multiple devices, a power strip looks like a perfect toy for a baby. Consider mounting your power strip on the back of a piece of furniture to get it up off the ground and out of sight. For desks and tables with drawers, thread the main cord coming from the strip through the back of one of the drawers. This will also give you the ability to hide gadgets from little hands.

Cabinet Doors and Drawers

Cabinets and drawers, especially in the kitchen, are the perfect places for storage. Think about all the items you keep under the counter. These spaces are also very interesting for curious crawlers and helpful for little ones learning to pull themselves up. Don’t forget these storage areas in your house as baby begins to explore. To help keep cleaning supplies, kitchen utensils, and grooming products safely where they belong, consider investing in cabinet locks and latches.

The Toilet

Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water by forgetting this frequently used household area. What looks like a normal bathroom fixture to you looks like a wet and wild treasure box to toddling babies. On the off chance that you forget to close the door behind you, a toilet seat lock can give you a piece of mind.

Home Security Systems

Regardless of how many locks you have on doors and windows, nothing can replace the feeling of safety that a home security system can give. From closing up the house for the evening to giving the babysitter some extra assurance, home security systems can take some of the worry off your mind when it comes to keeping your baby safe. One expert in installing a security system in Vancouver has suggested that these systems can provide many more features to help parents protect children than they may realize. Companies such as Astro Guard Alarms can offer surveillance equipment that parents can monitor even if they’re away from their baby and a babysitter.

With all the newness and excitement of baby coming home, don’t let simple safety issues create unnecessary stress. Safety proof your home early so that you can enjoy your child’s development without the worry!

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