5 Tips on How to Save Money for a Dream Family Vacation

If you are already facing a huge jar in your kitchen that is only half full, you need to find new alternative ways on how to make your savings bigger. This is the only way to make your family vacation happen! So with a strong will and dedication, you and your family can start saving money and start packing stuff for your dream trip. Follow these 5 tips and we can guarantee that you will get there as soon as possible!

Hold a Garage Sale

If you really want to start saving or earning money for your family vacation, you can hold a nice garage sale. This tip is a real win-win, first because you can get rid of the stuff you are not using anymore, and secondly, you’ll earn some pocket money for it. Holding a garage sale with the intention of putting 100% of the proceeds towards your vacation is a great way to jump-start your vacation savings account.

Save Energy by Having Fun

Another tip on how to save money is one of the environmentally friendliest too. You can save energy around your house and save money. Make a fun and easy activity for your kids by making a game of seeing who can use the least amount of energy in your home. Not only will it save you big on your utility bills, you will also be reducing your household footprint. Soon you will be able to enjoy your savings and add more funds to the holiday jar.

Use Online Shopping and All Benefits Within

Actually, shopping online is super easy, fun, and can definitely save you money too. How? Prices online are usually smaller, and you can usually grab special online-only coupons that will cut any price tag instantly. You can shop for absolutely everything you want – from food to clothing – and get discounts that second. For instance, if you want to shop for some home furnishing or decor elements, get Horchow online coupons from ChameleonJohn.com. Pamper yourself with fine quality items but also save some money for your dream vacations with a family.

Book Hotels and Flight Tickets Earlier

One of the easiest tips on how to save money before and during family vacations is to plan your trip earlier. That also means that you should buy and book hotels and flight tickets two to five months before the big day, or even earlier if possible. Usually, if you book a hotel so early, prices will be much smaller because retailers tend to high it up before the season. So you play them out and plan your holiday a year before it.

Eat at Home

It is amazing how much a family can spend if they are eating out. If you really want to have that dream vacation, you need to start eating at home and cook your own meals. It is as healthy (or even healthier) and cheaper than at a restaurant. So pamper your kids with home-cooked meals and fill that holiday jar up. Or if you want to go out then choose restaurants that offer a “kids eat free” option. Then you can still have a meal or two out and still have fun saving money.

What are some tips your family uses to save money away for a family vacation? Share your tips with us below in the comments!

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