5 Tips for Revamping His Wardrobe

Men are known as the gender who often strays away from fashion trends and the latest styles that hit the runway, often leaving them to look frumpy and outdated with their wardrobe choices. Although men can tend to look less current in their style, there are a few key ways to revamp his wardrobe and even gain his approval. 

Five Tips For Revamping His Wardrobe and Getting His Approval

1. Tailor His Jeans 

A common problem with men’s jeans is that they are often not tailored correctly and can make men’s legs look stumpy and short or too stocky. Tailor his favorite pairs to ensure a slimming fit that he’ll appreciate and dye them a darker color for an updated shade. 

2. Incorporate a Cropped Utility Jacket 

A cropped utility jacket is considered the modern peacoat for men, which can be worn in the fall and winter, as it can be easily paired with different outfits. Your man will enjoy the military style that it offers, as well as the strong lines and structure of the jacket. 

3. Opt for Khakis 

Khaki pants are a great change from typical jeans and are a step up from typical pants. They look great with pullover sweaters, a button-up shirt, and even an oversized sweater for a clothing item that looks high-end. 

4. Add a Strong Wool Blazer 

A wool blazer that is sophisticated and modern is a versatile piece to add to any wardrobe and can be paired with a casual v-neck, button-up, and even a sweater underneath. It can be worn to a wedding or even to the office for a piece that will add a bit of masculinity to your man’s look. 

5. Add Colored Shirts 

Throw out all printed tees that can look too juvenile and replace them with colored shirts that are bold and modern. You can find some ideas at www.reemclothing.com/Mens-Clothing/Jack-&-Jones-Designer-Clothing.html. Your man can wear them sparingly for a change in his look that will look confident and playful. Too many neutral shades in a wardrobe can easily appear bland and repetitive for limited diversity with his options. 

Men can still remain masculine with a change in their wardrobe and trendy new pieces incorporated for a way to increase overall confidence and look professional. It will mean a mature appearance that is current, as well as a style that exudes a polished and contemporary overall look. 

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