5 Tips to Getting Ahead in TKO

Battlefield 1 is a fascinating video game that takes you way back to the days of World War 1. In fact, gamers from all over the world are addicted to its immense storyline. The game has complex levels, however, that make it difficult for inexperienced gamers to win, especially when gaming on multiplayer mode. The good news is that there are more than 40 hacks that you can use to gain an edge over your opponents! As any good gamer knows, you must be careful when using hacks because they can get you banned forever. We don’t want that! 

With TKO hacks, you are guaranteed of winning all battles without getting caught. Here are a few tips on how you can get ahead in TKO.

1. Never Fight a Losing Battle

Although hacks improve your chances of survival, you still need to be careful when engaging in shootouts. Every time you shoot at your enemy you will see some numbers running at the bottom or top corner of the screen indicating your health status. If the enemy is not getting injured by your shots, it’s obvious he has special powers and time for you to run for your dear life. The advantage of retreating is that you live to fight another day. You can even retreat and come back with more sophisticated weapons and health bars. Since the hacks allow you to shoot in silence, you can aim and shoot at your enemy from a safe distance. Even if the enemy is far from where you are standing, the hacks make it easier to take him down because they have a maximum distance kills feature.

2. Avoid Killing Your Teammates or Friends

This one goes without saying. When you are playing in multiplayer mode, your power lies in your numbers. This means that the team that as the highest number of soldiers will have the highest chances of survival. By default, you can kill your friends or teammates if they are in your line of fire. With gaming hacks,all the shots that target your teammates will not do any harm to them. This helps in ensuring that you are not outnumbered by your enemies.

Besides that, you must be careful when selecting weapons. If you take a shotgun when engaging with an opponent that’s not near you, you may end up wasting your bullets. Short guns are designed for close range shooting while sniper rifle and rocket launchers are ideal for long range targets.

3. Aim with Accuracy

When you play without the hacks, there is no guarantee that you will be able to takedown your enemy. This is because the recoil of your weapon might cause the bullets to deviate away from the target. With no recoil feature, your bullets will move in a straight line. In addition to that, you will be able to shoot your enemy even when you are not staring at them. All you need to do is ensure you put a head dot on them before shooting. The head dot and stick to target features help in boosting your chances of putting a bullet into your enemy’s head.

4. Access Hard to Reach Places

 There are instances when your enemy will take cover in an area that’s not easy to reach. There are also situations when you may not be able to tell where your enemy has gone. If you have installed the hacks into your system, you can jump on top of structures so that you are able to get a better view over your opponent. If you are having a hard time in trying to figure out where your enemy is hiding, you can use trace lines. This feature will map out their footprint, which in return will let you know where they are hiding.

5. Cover Your Tracks

When using hacks to have an edge over other players, you should save your settings if you know you will play for more than more than one round. This will eliminate the need of having to adjust the game settings over and over. In case, someone else is will play after you are done, you can use the delete settings feature to reset the configurations for the new player. This way, other players will not notice you were being assisted by hacks.

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