5 Tips to Installing a Home Entertainment Center

If you want the best experience from your home entertainment system, there are several things you need to bear in mind. There are hundreds of gadgets out there to make your home entertainment an experience of a lifetime, but you need to do your research to get the best products possible. Even if you have the best gadgets, if your installation is done poorly, your equipment will not work properly, and you’re going to be disappointed with the outcome. So to make sure you get the most amazing experience that you deserve for the investment you’ve made, we’re going to look at several things you should do when installing your home entertainment center. Ready?

Getting the Best Signal Possible

Growing up, the only television reception we had were some dinky rabbit ears setting on top of the television that we had to adjust to grab the analog signal for the station we wanted to watch. These days, there are cable providers, satellite dish services, streaming services, FiOS … the list goes on, and varies depending on where you live. If you are one of our friends who reside across the pond, you may need to consult some aerial installers in London for the best guidance and tips on home entertainment installation to find the best option for your location.

Our suggestion is to obtain quotes from each of these services and find out what they do and do not offer, and then sit down and determine what is right for your budget and the home entertainment experience you are looking for.

Get the Right Television for Your Room

Having the right size television for your home entertainment needs is important. In a perfect world, the bigger the TV set, the better your viewing experience, unless your television takes up 3/4 of the space in your room – then bigger is not necessarily better. I tried to tell hubby that for years with his monster projection television!

You also need to factor in the kind of lighting that is in your room where the entertainment center will be. If your room is bright, an LCD TV will be great. If you have a dark room, you could go with a plasma TV. You want to reduce the amount of strain on your eyes when you are watching TV. Not to mention it’s also cost-effective! When you consider the resolution of your set, you should always go for those that have a higher pixel resolution. The colors are brighter and the images are crisp and clear. Also make sure that the speakers are good and capable of handling more power, which we will get into below.

Properly Set Up the Home Theater System

If you are going all out for your home entertainment center, you know that the home theater system is the backbone of this center. What good is a great picture if you can’t hear the television? Set up your seating area and the television before you set up the external speakers. The center channel speaker should be placed below the television, and the two front speakers should be placed at ear level and angled towards the seating location for the best sound effects and enhancements.

Set Up Your Seating Position

You need to work out the best seating position for every member of your family while setting up the home entertainment center. Think about the design of the set up so you can enjoy the best sound. Recliners and several couches work best for sound and comfort. Carefully plan your options and design. You’ll want your recliners to have good upholstery, stitching finishes and a controlled reclining mechanism. If you’re going all in, go big!

Alternative Speakers

Depending on the size of your room, you may choose to install an alternative speaker system. There are many non-traditional ways that you can get good audio for your home entertainment center. You can use a soundbar. These types of flat speakers have two speakers and one subwoofer. They would still give you quality sound in places where the room is too small to fit a better speaker system. Then there is the component surround sound. This kind of speaker is good for people who do not know how to set up the other surround speaker systems. It is sold as a pre-matched deal.

I hope these tips will help you with your home entertainment center experience. Feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions!

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