5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe During a House Party

Planning a house party is great fun; from sorting out the guest list, creating a party theme to getting the food and drinks in. However, there is something else to add to the checklist – how to keep the home safe. Whether you are hosting the get-together or away from home when the kids decide to throw an impromptu bash, making sure your home security systems are in place, should be at the top of your to-do list. Follow these 5 top tips and all you have to worry about is if you have enough food and cold beers in the fridge.

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Make a Guest List

When the party is in full swing, it can be very easy for gate-crashes to join the celebrations, but some may be intent on taking more away with them than just good memories. If you have a list of people you are expecting to see, then a stranger in the crowd will be easily spotted. Avoid the “open invitation” route so you know who is expected to attend. If your teenager decides to invite all and sundry via Facebook this means that you won’t know who is coming into the home (and you probably won’t be aware there is a party until your neighbour calls you on your holiday to let you know!). As a fail-safe, your home security systems with Wi-Fi IP cameras will also pick up and record all those in attendance in case you need to review the footage the following day.

Keep Some Areas OFF LIMITS

You do not want guests to be wandering around the home so restrict guests’ belongings such as coats etc., to a downstairs cloakroom or the spare bedroom. Having a wireless alarm system in place means that doors to rooms where you keep your valuables can be protected alerting you to someone entering without permission. This is also useful if you are hosting the party in the garden so that the house remains empty and accessible from the street. Keep rooms locked such as storage areas so they remain off limits and if you do get the unwanted intruder, they cannot roam through the house freely.

Remind Guests of Your Smoke-Free Policy

Not only can cigarette burns ruin carpets and furniture, but smoke also leaves a stale smell in the house and constitutes secondary smoking which is not healthy for children and adults in the vicinity. If you do have guests who smoke, or you smoke yourself, ensure you have a smoking area outside the house well away from other people. Having a smoke detector in areas where people mingle or in the hallways near the toilet will pick up anyone who decides to light up in the house. Plus, if anyone does leave a cigarette smouldering near soft furnishings this will be detected before it catches light and causes damage to the house and the people inside.

Lock Up Valuables

Keep your valuables out of temptations way by locking them up in a secure place. Small items such as jewellery, smartphones and valuable trinkets should be removed and placed elsewhere in a room that can be locked or alarmed or even invest in a small lock box if you do have concerns. If this is a special birthday or anniversary or wedding reception, where guests may bring money or presents that cost a little more than usual, think about where you will receive and display the gifts. Keep the table in full view of the main party area or where your security camera can record all the comings and goings. There are also companies who provide miniature old-fashioned English red pillar boxes or mailboxes for hire to “post” your gift which are lockable, removing the opportunity for the would-be thief.

Add Security Cameras to Driveway and Guest Reception Area

Not only will you be able to monitor or track guests but vehicles of those arriving. If someone wants to get into the home with the intent to steal, they will want to arrange a quick exit. Home security systems will capture licence plates and vehicle type which will help police track down your burglar and you will know who has been in the home.

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Keep these handy tips in mind and you’ll enjoy peace of mind at your party. While your home security keeps your home safe, all that’s left for you to do is to have fun!

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