5 Tips to Make Roof Maintenance a Breeze

Roofs cost a lot of money.

Unlike most other parts of a house, roofs also decay much more quickly. Basically, every 10 to 15 years you might expect a complete redo.

However, there is a way to reduce the overall cost and prolong getting a new roof. All you have to do is periodical roof maintenance.

Today we invited our friends from Do It Right Roofing – Vancouver roofing contractor have created this short list including some of the best tips for roof maintenance. Check them out!

Make Roof Maintenance a Breeze with these tips!

Paying enough attention to your roof

Most people hate going to their roof and checking it. However, this is something that should be done at least twice a year. Inspection must be done both from the inside and the outside and is especially important after storms and rough weather. Light or water coming through your roof is a clear indication there is something wrong. Ideally, you should act before water starts flooding your rooms. Not addressing the issue can lead to increased humidity which not only affects the structure but can also be bad for health. Flashing, chimney, tiles or shingles, gutters should be your main priorities. When inspecting the roof, it isn’t a bad idea to call friend for help for some extra security and pair of eyes.

Getting new shingles

In most cases, roof damage is used to refer to a few missing shingles. When something like this happens, your best bet is to change shingles that are missing as well as those surrounding them. Unfortunately, it is really hard to get the exact same shingles. Even if you find the exact same product, the ones on your roof will look different due to wear and tear. Because of that your home will look shabby. One of good options is to make your own shingles or to order custom made. It is something that can easily be done and will help your roof esthetically.

Safety first

Even though roof repairs may seem like a breeze, you always need to be safe . Homeowners should always invest some extra money in getting top notch ladder as well as boots with a rubber sole. Add some money for a proper toolbox and other tools as most of these repairs you can do by yourself.

Removing debris

It is very important to remove debris and other dirt periodically. Over the time and especially during autumn, lots of leaves, branches and other stuff will start clogging your gutters. If the gutters are backed up, this can lead to shingle damage. In most of the cases, this debris will appear in the valleys where two surfaces join. When it comes to debris pilling up in gutters, it can affect the flow of drainage water making it amass in certain areas. Besides that, excess debris will also increase the moisture which negatively affects roofing materials.

Avoid power washing your roof

Lots of homeowners make a mistake of power washing their roof. Don’t do this! Even if there is some mold or algae on it, this approach needs to be avoided. While you might think that you’ve just fixed a problem, a bigger issue will start occurring. Strong pressure from a power washer will lead to damage to your roof material. If you use it constantly, this damage will become more noticeable. Instead, it is much better to use products that can help you with mold.

With these tips, you can easily and safely maintain your roof for years to come.

If you notice some issues that you cannot manage by yourself, make sure to call them; they will come to your home in a blink of an eye!

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