5 Top Ideas for Family Vacations

I honestly do not know a single family that doesn’t look forward to the arrival of summer and the main attraction every year – the family vacation! We love sharing some unique travel destinations to make memories to last a lifetime with your family, and we have another top 5 list of family vacation destinations from near or far that could be just perfect for you and yours!

The Algarve, Portugal 

The warm sands and inviting blue seas may be the only solace you want to see on your vacations, but the kids could use a bit more action and excitement.  Perhaps they would like to spend the day at the slides and pools of Aqualand near Alcantarilha, one of Europe’s most expansive waterparks. Perhaps the “star attraction” of Aqualand is the “Banzai.” This exciting ride allows youngsters to skim across a tray of water before plunging into the depths some 23-meters below. This could me a bit too much for some people. On the slower-paced beaches of Praia da Rocha near Portimao you will find vacant beaches and plenty of sand for kids, the grown-up art of building sandcastles, hunting for beautiful shells or just lying about soaking up the sun’s rays.

Edinburgh, Scotland

There is no time like summer to visit this historic city than when summer’s golden rays are warming the festival scene. All throughout August, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has a plethora of child friendly options that will keep your youngsters fascinated without all the swearing. There is even a Comedy Club for kids only that allows younger people with a penchant for comedy to take a swing at stand-up. Then there are street performances with daring fire jugglers who encourage audience participation. This is sure to be an event your kids will never forget. After the Festival Fringe, the dungeons of Edinburgh Castle and the Sharks at the Deep Sea World are sure to captivate the imagination of young and old.  Here is a full list.

Orange Beach, Alabama

Situated in Baldwin County in Alabama, Orange Beach is positioned fantastically for sun, sitting right in the center of the Gulf Coast. To its East lies  Florida‘s Perdido Key. The area is perfect for families, enjoying a fabulous subtropical climate and with a whole array of different things to do. There are a wide selection of fabulous luxurious condominiums in the area that entice people to spend their luxury time there on a semi-regular basis.

Marrakech, Morocco

If you think your kids could use a more cultural attraction than gut-wrenching roller coasters, how about a trip through the culturally rich streets of Marrakech, Morocco? This may seem like a long trip off-continent, but a return ticket will only cost about £100. Here you will chance upon snake charmers, camel riders and bustling bazaars filled with adventures and tales to tell the other kids when they get home. If you want to get away from the busy city scene, trekking through the majestic Atlas Mountains can be done from the village of Imlil about an hour and half away.

Europa Park, Germany

How can you top that last trip to see Mickey and the Disney Gang? How about a trip to see “Euromaus” the mascot of Europa Park. This sprawling amusement park is located near Baden-Baden in Southern Germany and is one of the largest parks of its kind in Germany. In addition to many exciting roller coasters, visitors can take a Crazy Taxi ride through the city of London, or a gondola trip through the city of Venice or even an Elf ride through a part of Germany. Don’t miss the thrills and excitement of Blue Fire Megacoaster that reaches speeds of 100 KPH in 2.5 seconds or the full 4G’s and 73-meter height of the terrifying Silver Star.

Which one on our Top 5 list are you considering for your family vacation this summer? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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  1. My husband and I were lucky enough to visit Edinburgh when we were first married. It’s like stepping back in time!

    • I most definitely have Edinburgh on my top 10 places to visit! It looks so absolutely beautiful and I’ve been able to trace several ancestors back to Edinburgh as well so I would love the ability to go and see where they lived and hopefully find out more about them!

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