5 Ways to Make Sure Your Son Doesn’t Turn Out Like Justin Beiber

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Son Doesn't Turn Out Like Justin Beiber

Growing up in this day and age can be confusing and difficult. You want your son to grow up to be confident, helpful to those around him and secure in his identity. In this day and age, however, there are many confusing role models in the world trying telling young kids what it means to be successful or cool. Here are five ways you can help instill the right values in your son and influence them to become the best they can be.

1. Be Proud

The number one thing you can say to your son to give him the courage he needs to face the world is to say you are proud of him and believe in him. With the media constantly trying to tell kids that they are inadequate unless they consume this or act a certain way, your unhindered faith and belief in your son is one of the greatest assets you can offer.

2. Discipline

Although you want to establish love and relationship, it is also important to give your son firm boundaries. Don’t let him live without regard for rules and guidelines or he’ll feel he can do whatever he wants when he goes into the real world.

3. Channel His Energy

Growing up there are a lot of strong drives and frustrations that a young boy feels. Teach your son not to respond with rage or to lash out in anger, but rather to channel his energy into productive projects or hobbies. While any type of hands-on activity will help your son avoid trouble, woodworking is an excellent way to refocus pent up energy in a way that will bring satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. If your son shows an interest in picking up a hobby like this, consider getting him a Laguna table saw. These types of hands on outlets can give him a way to exercise power, responsibility and discipline. No matter what your budget, you can find a number of tools, like Laguna Band Saws online to choose from to help your son pursue his manly hobby.

4. Empower

In today’s world many teach that it is wrong to have power or to feel self-empowered as a man. This fear of masculinity, however, is detrimental not just to boys but to everyone around them. Teach your son to own his own power in a safe and respectful way that will be of benefit to all those that depend on him as well as to the greater world.

5.Teach Goal-Setting and Problem-Solving

Perhaps one of the greatest things you can offer your son are the resources and encouragement and structure to set his own goals and projects and to see them through to completion. Teach your son to control his own destiny and to pave his own way by showing him how to can wield power of his physical circumstances with his imagination and will-power. 

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