5 Ways Parents Can Help Their Preschoolers Thrive

The preschool years are a pivotal time in any child’s life. Moreover, it is a time where they are constantly looking to their parents for support. So, it’s imperative that you take the necessary steps to provide the best possible start in life. When you do, it can give them a huge advantage once they reach their school years.

So, what are the most effective methods for giving your son or daughter an edge during these formative years? Here’s all you need to know.


Some parents are a little apprehensive about putting their children into preschool because they feel as though they are losing time with them. Not me! I couldn’t wait to get my kids enrolled in preschool so mom had a few hours to herself each day! I digress though, I truly did want my children to have the best education because they were so smart and needed extra stimulation that I couldn’t give them alone.

However, a great education starts at high-quality institutes like an Everett preschool. It teaches them the routines of school while they will also develop key skills that will serve them well later on. Besides, many kids that enter preschool environments will form friendships that follow them to school. So, it can remove any fears about that future transition.


Kids deserve a balanced lifestyle, which should include recreational activities at home. Most importantly, kids want to spend valuable time with their parents. Educational rainy day activities are a great solution as they allow you to analyze their development too. Spotting any areas where they are falling short at an early age will help you find the best response. Likewise, you should be working together with the preschool teachers to achieve great results. Exploration activities in national parks or at the beach work extremely well too. 


Extracurricular activities will play a significant role in your child’s life throughout their school years. But they can benefit greatly from toddler sports clubs, dance groups, and swimming sessions. Aside from being great for their physical development, these tasks help teach key skills such as communication, leadership, and discipline. Likewise, the routines can be great for a youngster. Some parents may use this as an incentive or reward for good behavior. It might become their future passion in life, or it might not. It really doesn’t matter.


The world is a scary and confusing place for toddlers. As such, they won’t always understand what’s happening around them. This includes their own emotional responses. Their ability to process their thoughts and express themselves clearly will make a world of difference. My sons had a difficult time being able to do this, and it caused serious issues later on in their middle school and high school years. As a parent, your support will help them gain control of this issue while avoiding outbursts. It won’t stop them completely, but it’ll certainly reduce the frequency. It will result in a happier child and happier parents. What more could you ask for?


Perhaps most importantly, young children need reassurance when they do things well. While most parents are keen to stamp out negative behavior, it’s equally vital to praise them. Reward charts are a great idea while simply showing your pleasure with vocal praise is shown to bring fantastic results. Even adults will repeat behaviors when it brings positive responses. Young minds are even more responsive to this tactic. As long as you are consistent with the praise, you should see a noticeable impact.

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