5 Ways to Achieve Perfect Hair

Your hairstyle is often one of the first things people notice about you and helps form their first impression. As one of the most noticeable parts of your appearance, it is only natural that many people put lots of effort into ensuring their hair looks great. My hairstyle is smack-dab in the middle of a grow-out. I had it cut short the beginning of the year, and I’m *attempting* to let it grow back out for the winter months.

It is driving me nuts.

The way that your hair looks may even influence the kind of day you are having. On a good hair day, you might feel like you are brimming with confidence and feeling great, but a bad hair day can be the sign of a day where everything goes wrong. Absolute TRUTH.

As hair plays such an essential role in how people feel about themselves and their appearance, there is little wonder that many of us are on a constant quest to make our hair look perfect. Don’t you hate those perfect tresses on shampoo commercials? I mean, who actually has hair like that? It doesn’t happen overnight, that’s a given. Usually, there is a combination of factors that make those tresses look amazing. We’ve found five of them that we think are the top factors worth mentioning to achieve those beautiful tresses.


Understanding your hair type can give you a lot of helpful insight into the best ways to take care of it. Fine hair benefits from different treatments to thick hair; curly hair has different needs to straight hair, so it is vital to understand which hair type you have and how you can work with it. I have horribly straight, fine hair that curls great – when it wants to! Getting to know your hair better and understanding its type ensures that you always buy the best products matched to your hair’s needs so you can give it the tailored care and attention that it requires to make you look great.


Understanding your hair type is also handy when selecting a haircut, but it is also crucial to know which hairstyles best suit you and your face. Choosing the right haircut to suit your face can help you look better and feel more attractive. A jaw-length haircut can help if you have a long face and want to balance it; likewise, bangs can help if you have a prominent forehead that you want to minimize. 

If you are still struggling to decide on the best hairstyle for you, it is helpful to look for some inspiration. Pinterest is one of my go-to places to look for new styles. This is my board for hairstyles and colors I love. There’s even a photo of me with my “start a fire” color!

There are loads of examples of haircuts in magazines and online to help inspire your choices, so why not look and see if you can find a style that you love? It’s also a great way to find the latest styles for the year, if you’re one who likes to keep up with the latest trends. It is so much easier to get your hairstylist to cut your hair in the way you want when you have a photo for them to look at to understand what you want to copy.


I gave up using over-the-counter hair color years ago because of all the damage that it was doing to mine, personally. If you want to dramatically change how you look, changing your hair color is an excellent choice. Our all-time favorite is Madison Reed. Their colors are absolutely GORGEOUS! (Check out our review here). Just be aware that changing your hair color can make your skin tone look different – so be aware that you may need to make adjustments to your makeup choices as well.

I colored my hair for the longest time to simply cover up unwanted grays, but now that I’m in my 50s I said the heck with it – I worked hard for these gray hairs! Sometimes though, you just want to make a statement with an eye-catching shade like I did when I went from blonde to jet black! It was definitely eye-catching! Whatever your reason for wanting to change your hair color, it is always crucial to do it safely and to choose the right type of color for your hair.

When you select a new color for your hair, it is essential to consider your hair’s current condition. If your hair is dry or has a lot of damage, it is likely to be more porous and absorb the color more easily. This means that the color change is likely to be more dramatic than you were expecting, so it is worth remembering this when selecting a shade. If possible, it is always best to get your hair colored by a professional and to get a patch test to check for any allergic reactions before applying the color to your hair. A professional hairstylist will be able to dye your hair safely and provide you with advice on choosing the best shade for your hair. Talking through your options with a professional is an excellent way to decide on the right color for you, unless you’re like me and just love to roll the dice and see what happens!!

When it comes to altering your hair color, dyeing your tresses is not the only option. If there are tones in your hair that you would like to either enhance or play down, you can do this with shampoo. Innovative shampoos, such as green shampoo, enable you to adjust the color of your hair without the need for conventional colorants. Learning how to use green shampoo is a helpful choice if you have red tones in your brunette or black hair that you would like to tone down, as the green counteracts the red. If you have blond hair, purple shampoo can help you to neutralize any brassiness and yellow tones you have in your hair to help your blond color stay looking fresh and vibrant. Purple shampoo also works wonders for gray/silver hair!


Taking great care of your hair is probably the most essential thing to do and will make the most significant difference to the appearance of your hair. Ensuring that you don’t wash it too often is an excellent way to prevent your hair from drying out.

I was one of those people who washed my hair every single day, which was also causing it to dry out and become brittle and damaged. It is usually recommended you wash your hair after two to three days rather than every day. It is also vital to keep it moisturized with the best conditioning products. With regular conditioning, your hair should remain sleek and shiny. You may want to use a more intense conditioning treatment every few weeks or apply hair oil for added glossiness. Deep conditioning treatments offer an excellent way to instantly inject lots of moisture into the hair and achieve noticeable results. I prefer the Madison Reed conditioner when I color my hair because it doesn’t make it feel too greasy.

Protecting your hair is also essential to keep it looking great. Making sure you take great care of your hair during extreme weather conditions such as very hot or freezing temperatures will help to prevent damage and keep it looking perfect all year round.


Most people have things they would like to change about their appearance, and hair is no exception to this. If you have something you would love to make different about your hair, there is no need to ignore this, as there is often a solution that can help. It is a great idea to discuss your hair concerns with your stylist as they should be able to offer you advice or suggest treatments to help. Throughout life, hair can go through many changes, so any issues you have with your hair are not necessarily permanent, but it is still worth talking through your concerns to find a solution. Issues such as thinning hair can often be helped by hair extensions, and if you have hair that is too thick to manage, this may benefit from a treatment to make it sleeker. 

Whatever is standing between you and your perfect hair can usually be resolved. Simply discuss your concerns and what you would like changed, and your stylist will make it happen.

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