5 Ways to Add Statement Features To Your Home

When it comes to making a statement in your home, less is more, as they say. Too many standout features can have the complete opposite effect and become a focal point for all the wrong reasons.

Being careful and specific about the pieces you add to your home can help hone your style slowly and build up to the look you are going for. And not the opposite!

We have 5 ways you can make your home decor ‘pop’ with some eye-catching features that will definitely make you the envy of anyone who sees them.

Light Features

Statement light fittings are the best way to add some ‘wow’ to your room. Create an eye-catching centerpiece anywhere in the house by installing light fittings that are designed to be the center of attention.

Those with high ceilings can look at lights that hang down over a central feature, eg, a kitchen island. 


For those who want to make a more discreet statement, then how about adding some personality to your ceilings? Decorative ceiling tiles are a great way to do this, as is adding in spotlights or even artworks such as hand-painted murals that express your family’s style.


Go floor-length and dramatic with your curtains. Make your windows the focal point of the room by adding a sweeping curtain in a bold color and luxurious material. Pair them with a statement rail and curtain hooks to finish off your look. You can even add a potted plant in a high stand for a little bit of added glamor.


Arguably the most used part of the house. You want flooring that looks good and serves you well. If you really want to go all out, then think outside the box when it comes to changing your flooring. The rejuvenated original hardwood flooring is back in style however it can take a lot of love and dedication to restore wooden flooring and then you need to keep on top of the covers to maintain its look.

Change up your look by adding rugs to existing flooring or even just simply replacing the carpet if it needs it. You have many options when it comes to making your flooring stand out. From the extreme penny floor and the optical illusion flooring to an understated deep pile carpet with a contrasting rug that makes you want to curl up on the floor with a good book.


It is super easy to change the look of the room using a tin of paint. The key idd to pick the right color! Glam full glitter walls can really have a stunning effect on all who see it. But if that isn’t your style, then how about adding a feature wall. Pick a unique design of your own creation using duck tape or a straight forward bloc color that stands out against the rest of your color scheme in that room.

How about adding some bold wallpaper to your room? Look for a design that works with your style and use it to create an impact wall that pulls the whole room together.

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