5 Ways to Give Your Home An Instant Makeover

While most individuals are working from home or have been previously due to the global pandemic lockdown, spending so much time at home has made some of us tired of the same decor day in and day out. It is never a bad idea to give your home a makeover and mix things up a bit – whether for the holidays, an event you are planning, or simply because you feel like it! Listed below are 5 ways that will help you give your home an instant makeover and give the interior a completely new feel.

1. New Curtains for Your Windows

living room curtains

Curtains can instantly lift a room’s spirit. Replacing old and gloomy curtains with brighter and newer ones can instantly change your room’s vibe. Whether this is your drawing room, lounge, or bedroom, curtains are an essential part of each room. I inherited the curtains in our home from the previous owner and, while I loved them at the time, I’ve been searching for some new ones that are more my style. These are patterned curtains, but I enjoy more pastel and neutral tone curtains.

2. Invest in Your Bedroom Furniture

new decor trends for 2021

Bedrooms are really personal spaces as you spend much of your quiet time in there. While redesigning your home, they shouldn’t be left unattended. If your pocket allows you to, you should consider updating your bedroom furniture. You can look for trending items and the best bedroom sets at Zanui for reference. Adding little details such as decorative cushions, a throw, and a faux fur carpet can also do great things for your bedroom’s redesigning.

3. Create a Photo Gallery on Your Walls

family photo wall
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If a certain wall in your home, perhaps a wall next to a hallway, that is plain and a focal point in your guests’ line of sight, create a photo gallery on it. It is a cost-effective way to add a personal touch to your home. Choose a combination of different, but complementary frames, and add photos of your loved ones to them. You can hang them in a pattern or randomly on the chosen wall to add to your home’s aesthetic.

4. Add Green Plants and Fresh Flowers

Plants and flowers instantly brighten up your room’s mood. Not only is adding plants in your home a very cost-effective method of giving it a makeover, but it also looks great and is a decor item that never goes out of style. Fresh plants and flowers add a sense of nature in your home.

If you are like me and can pretty much kill a plant just by looking at it, there are so many amazing real looking plants and flowers that will add texture to a neutral color palette in your home. I tend to purchase plants and flowers seasonally, and just keep them stored safely the remainder of the year when they are not being used in sturdy bins or containers where they won’t be crushed. I am constantly wanting a change in the way our home looks, so this is an option for me that works.

5. Choose Your Home Lighting with Care

If you feel as though your interior lighting is dull, it could be due to poor lighting. The best quick fix for this is to use LED bulbs, and layer different lights in order to create the illusion of a bigger, brighter room. Floor lamps can achieve this when placed in the corners of your room and give the sense of lighting up the entire space without doing too much.

I love the shelving floor lamps shown in the image above – they have chargeable ports built right in for your phone or Alexa devices, and give you shelving space to add books, candles, plants, etc. to add to the ambiance in your room. In addition, these particular floor lamps have three different lighting options for just the right mood you are trying to create.

There are, of course, many more great ways in which you can do an instant makeover on one room, or your entire home, should you choose to do so. Making a change to the look and feel of your home doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny, as we’ve shown with these simple suggestions.

Have you done a quick home makeover that you absolutely loved? Share the details with us below in the comments!

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