5 Ways to Help Your Children Be Law-Abiding Citizens

5 Ways to Help your Children Be Law-Abiding Citizens

As a parent, you are responsible for teaching your children how to be respectful, courteous and kind law-abiding citizens. While many children, teenagers and adults lack respect for authority, it is extremely important for you to teach your children at a young age about how important it is to follow the laws in order to maintain a safer world for everyone. These 5 ways to help your children be law-abiding citizens will teach them respect and obedience so that they know to honor and follow the rules that are set in place.

Set a Good Example

Children look up to their parents and typically imitate things that they see you doing on a daily basis. By setting a good example and being a law-abiding citizen yourself, your children are also more likely to follow the laws now and in the future. Be sure to never bad mouth law enforcers in front of your children. While you may be annoyed about being pulled over for a speeding ticket or feel that an officer treated you unfairly, it is important to show your respect for the officer especially when your children are present.

Respecting Authority

Becoming a law-abiding citizen starts by respecting authority and your elders. Start by teaching your children at a young age that they need to respect their parents, teachers, coaches and others that are in a leadership position. Even if your children may be unhappy with a certain rule or have a disagreement with an authoritative figure, they must still show respect and be kind at all times.

Respecting the Community

Not only should your children respect authority, but they should also respect their community and the planet that they live on. Teach the kids that it is important to clean up trash, to not litter, to be kind to trees, plants and other living things, to recycle and to not mistreat the property of others. This will help to make the world a better and cleaner place to live and will develop your children’s law-abiding skills.

Watch Your Own Actions

Be mindful of the things that you say and do while you are out and about with your children. Kids recognize each and every little thing that their parents do, especially if they are breaking a rule. Ensure that you don’t litter, steal, run red lights, talk on your cell phone while driving or break other rules while in the presence of your children.

Taking Action

While you can teach your children the basics of becoming a law-abiding citizen, it is common for them to make mistakes sometimes and may break a rule or law. If your child breaks a rule, whether it be at home or while out, you will want to take action to show that this is not the proper way to behave. Set up consequences such as time outs and discipline your children appropriately.

Becoming a law-abiding citizen may not happen overnight. Learning starts at home and as a parent, it is your duty to start your child off on the right track, setting them up for success later in life.

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