5 Wildlife Adventures To Try In The US

You don’t have to travel outside the states to see impressive wildlife. Here are just a few adventures for animal lovers worth trying out.

Take a safari in Yellowstone

Stretching across Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, this world famous national parks sports all kinds of natural wonders from geysers to canyons to hot springs. The Yellowstone wildlife is also impressive. You can spot herds of bison grazing, mountain goats hopping their way up the cliffs, grizzly bears nurturing their cubs and possibly even a pack of wolves on the prowl. Lots of companies host organised tours of the region, taking you to the places where you’re most likely to see these animals.

Go whale watching in Hawaii

There are lots of places to spot whales off the shores of the US, but your best chance of seeing these mighty creatures is to jet off to Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific. It’s thought that two thirds of the humpback whale population return to Hawaii’s waters to breed. You can take a boat trip out to see these whales, although you may be lucky enough to spot them from the shore from viewing spots such as Kilauea Lighthouse.

swim with manatees

Swim with manatees in Florida

Sometimes known as ‘sea cows’, these strange aquatic creatures can be found inhabiting the coastal waters of Florida. They’re fairly gentle creatures and so there are lots of tours that allow you to swim with these creatures and potentially touch them. Florida has other creatures on offer to try and spot such as otters, alligators and armadillos.

Go salmon fishing in Alaska

The cold and frosty state of Alaska is great for those wanting a wild adventure. It happens to be home to many unique creatures such as caribou, moose, Kodiak bears and polar bears. It’s also the best place in Alaska to spot salmon. Experienced anglers can take a guide to certain rivers such as the Kenai and try and catch their own salmon. All kinds of salmon can be found in these rivers from sockeye salmon to king salmon.

Spot Javelina in Arizona

Spot Javelina in Arizona

The deserts of Arizona are home to some of the country’s most incredible natural sights from the Grand Canyon to Monument Valley. Arizona also has some fantastic biodiversity including rattlesnakes, gila monsters, prairie dogs and coyotes. It’s also home to a rare species of peccary known as javelina. These animals look like wild boar but are actually unrelated. You’re likely to see these animals grazing around the outskirts of cities like Phoenix and Tucson. They’ve even been known to come into the cities and rummage through people’s garbage looking for a snack.

Do you travel frequently in the United States? What are your favorite adventure spots? 

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