5 Will Drive – Meet The Jansen Family

Meet the Jansen Family. Quintuplets. All Fifteen. All learning to drive at the same time.

Imagine you have QUINTUPLETS. All of them fifteen years old. All learning to drive. 5 Will Drive is the Jansen Family adventure that will be chronicled with a little help from their friends at State Farm.

Jonathan is going to be turning 15 next year, and I am absolutely horrified at the thought of him behind the wheel! Yes, he’s matured quite a bit over the past two years; however, he has his goofy moments and just the thought of him behind the wheel is enough to make me want to run for cover and grab everyone else on the road and take them with me!

You will have the chance to meet the quints Mom and Dad, Karla and Jeff Jansen, and their big sister Nicole as well as the five of them: Elijah, Taylor, Miranda, Nick and Carter. For those of you that are from a small family, you’ll get a first-hand accounting of what it is like to be in the middle of a big family.

Preparing to drive – TIMES FIVE – is a really big deal! Do you think they are up for the challenge? We shall soon see!

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  1. I have 4 siblings and I can imagine how hard it is for the parents, but it gives them joy, too!

  2. WOW! I do not think I could handle it mentally and financially if I had 5 teenagers wanting to drive. That is scary and it looks very interesting to see how they are going to handle all 5 learning how to drive at the same time. We need to pray for the mother!

    • I agree Karen! Can you imagine? It was hard enough on me attempting to teach my daughter to drive (the little she allowed me to lol) and she was so very calm and mature and collected. I cannot – refuse to – fathom what it is going to be like teaching Jonathan, my eldest son. I think I'll leave that up to his dad!

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