6 Budget European Vacation Destinations

Most US families have never left the country. And most US families would love to take a trip to Europe, at least once in their life! Unfortunately, not everyone knows exactly where to go that isn’t going to break the bank. Of course, travelling to Europe is going to be more pricey than visiting the next state. Or is it? I’m here to break the myth that European vacations are expensive. Here are 6 budget destinations across the pond.

Prague, Czech Republic - This European city is quickly becoming a tourist hot spot • 6 Budget European Vacation Destinations
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Prague, Czech Republic

This European city is quickly becoming a tourist hot spot. Although the prices haven’t become unaffordable just yet. The best thing about this city is that eating and drinking out is so cheap. That means you’ve got a bit of extra cash to explore one of the many attractions. You don’t even have to go inside most of the historic buildings. The photos outside are enough to turn your friends green with envy.

Lisbon, Portugal

If you’re looking for a beach holiday on a budget, Lisbon is the place to go. This city in Portugal ticks all the boxes for a fun family vacation. You can explore the wonderful sights of the city, grab some authentic Portuguese food, and visit the beach. All in one day. Hotel prices are also pretty reasonable in Lisbon. Especially if you go around September. The weather will still be warm but everything is much cheaper!

Sorrento, Italy

Yet another beach destination that isn’t going to cost an arm and a leg. The landscapes in this Italian coastal town are completely breathtaking. You can sit on a clifftop enjoying a coffee (or a cocktail). Before wandering around the local marina. Look for hotels here and you’ll be surprised at how cheap Sorrento actually is. The only thing that can get a little pricey is food and drink. Opt for a half-board or all-inclusive deal to save your cents.

Berlin, Germany

If history is more your thing and you’re not bothered by beaches, take a trip to Berlin in Germany. This is the perfect place to teach your kids a little bit about European culture. This German city has so many different attractions it could make your head spin. Travelling around on the affordable subway will also keep costs down.

Dubrovnik, Croatia - A Quaint Little Town and Beaches that hasn't been mired in the tourtist trap prices • 6 Budget European Vacation Destinations
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Dubrovnik, Croatia

This is another vacation destination which is quickly becoming popular with tourists. Luckily, the prices haven’t quite caught up with the demand. There’s something so peaceful about Croatia, with its quaint little towns and beaches. Head to Dubrovnik in the fall for the best flight and hotel prices. It’s also a good idea to stay on the outskirts, to cut costs even more.

Krakow, Poland

Many people dismiss Poland as a vacation destination, as they don’t really see the appeal. However, if you want to see some awe-inspiring history then you have to visit Krakow. The architecture is incredible and the place is teeming with culture. It’s also one of the most purse-friendly destinations on our list. Think outside the box and take a trip to Krakow.

Many of these vacation destinations could work out cheaper than your usual summer holiday in Florida. Although you may have to put up with some longer flight times! It will be worth it when you get a stamp in your passport that says, “I’ve visited Europe.”

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