6 Little Luxuries to Treat Yourself to

In this day and age, it is so easy to forget that you deserve to treat yourself. We are so busy saving for this, that and the next thing. Ensuring we have got all our basis covered sometimes we forget to give ourselves those little luxuries in life that make things easy. We aren’t talking designer shoes and luxury holiday here – we are talking little things that you should be treating yourself to right now.

Little Luxuries You Deserve

If you have a car, go and get it properly valeted. Treat your little runner to a wax, hoover, and good old dust down. Often when you are making a lot of journeys you can leave packets, crumbs, and let dust collect in all the nooks and crannies – so treat your wheels and yourself to a professional job.

New bed sheets. You know how clean sheet day is potentially the best day of the week? Well, new sheets are like clean sheet day multiplied – right? Treat yourself to a slightly higher cotton count, or a silk material, something a little more luxurious.

Are you a busy person who has to fit in cleaning your home? Sometimes it can seem never-ending – balancing work, kids, pets, errands, family visits and everything that goes with that! It can be a handful, so every once in a while (or more if you want to) book yourself some house cleaning services. Instead of spending a morning cleaning, spend a morning out with the family or relaxing in a coffee shop – anything that isn’t picking up that duster.

Drawer liners. You have spent an eternity picking up clothes, washing them, drying them, folding them, ironing them (not finished just yet) and putting them away… Only for them to lose the scent of the detergent in the drawers. Well, let’s just put an end to that right now with some scented drawer liners. They come in a range of gorgeous smells, and the scent infuses into the clothing.

Insurance on the stuff you love the most (after all the people of course). If you haven’t got your phone, laptop, tablet or desktop insured take a moment, get a quote and take out the insurance. With so many people blogging, working from home and those electronics providing an income, it would be silly to not have that insurance.

A journal. If you happen to blog, vlog, or write in any capacity then you will know the utter joy of being able to write for fun. But, sometimes we need somewhere a little bit more private to share things that either we aren’t comfortable putting out there – or that needs time to be worked through. You can buy one with a lock if you need to keep that stuff very private. It is an expressive exercise, designed to give you some mental and emotional releases. Both of which can leave you feeling lighter and brighter – and that is one of the best treats you can give yourself.

Little luxuries don’t have to be expensive; they just have to be something that make you feel good.  

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