6 Reasons Your Garage Door Is Jammed and How to Fix Them

Most people are generally aware of the fact that owning a house comes with a lot of tasks and responsibilities that you may not want to think about. For example, you will always need to make sure that your appliances are in working order. If you have anything in your home that is powered by moving parts, you will always need to do routine check-ups to ensure that everything is working the way it is supposed to. One particular home feature that people generally don’t think about maintaining is garage doors. 

After all, most people don’t think that their garage doors need much of an inspection. The truth is that you will want to check your garage door regularly, or else it might become jammed. If you notice that your garage door is jammed, here are a few of the parts to check to see if this is something that you can fix on your own. 

1. The Door Itself Is Locked

Thankfully, there are some situations where the problem at hand is not so much caused by faulty parts as it is that something isn’t working the way it is supposed to. If you are someone who is particularly forgetful, this might be a common or highly likely situation to find yourself in. When you are checking to see if your garage door is truly jammed or not, you will want to make sure that it is not locked. This is something that can be checked easily, meaning that there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider trying this out. It’s a highly likely situation to have happen, especially if you have children who may accidentally lock the garage door when you are not looking. Ruling this out can help determine if you may need to replace parts or not. 

2. Problems with the Sensors

Another common occurrence that people have with their garage roller doors is that the sensors that open the doors may be having some trouble. This trouble can come in a number of different forms. For some people, it could be that there are objects in the way of the door. One part of automatic garage doors becoming more modernised is the fact that if the sensor detects that there is something in the way of the door, it will jam the door. When closing a garage door, you should make sure that there is nothing that could possibly be in the way from the sensor’s point of view. Similarly, another problem that can occur is that the photo sensors are completely obstructed. Chances are that if the sensors are obstructed, you are going to have the same issue as before, since the sensors will send a signal to your garage door not to fully close, causing it to jam. You should make sure that your sensors are in working order, or else you may need to consider getting garage door repairs in Adelaide

3. Problems with the Power

Another issue that your garage door may have could be that it is not getting adequate power. Depending on the material of the door, it can take a fair bit of power to move the door up and down in a quick manner. If your garage door is not getting the type of power needed, then it likely won’t be able to open the door at all. If your garage door doesn’t seem to want to open, you should consider making sure that it is properly plugged in and that the fuses are all in good condition. 

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4. Broken Springs

Arguably, the springs are one of the most important parts of any garage door, no matter what type. The springs are one of the major components of the system that allows your garage door to move in the first place. If you are having problems with the garage door springs, then that could either mean that the garage door is not able to be lifted all the way, or it could be that the garage door’s automatic sensors could tell that something was off. You should consider contacting a professional to check on the parts of the garage door. 

5. The Garage Door Moved Off the Rails

Another problem that you are likely to encounter when working with a garage door is that eventually, it might end up moving out of place. When this happens, the door or the system that pulls the door up will have moved from its designated place on the rails. If your garage door is off the rails it needs to be on for the automatic system to pull it up or down, then the garage door isn’t going to be moving anywhere. This is another problem that is best left in the hands of someone who knows what he or she is doing. 

6. The Remote Is Broken

This is another problem that falls within the same category of having something that is not connected to the door being a problem. The remote control should typically work well, telling your door when to open and when to close. If the remote control is having issues, then it may not send the right signals to the door, if it is sending any signals at all. First, you should check the batteries of the remote, and if it still has trouble, you should consider getting a new one. 

Garage doors, as with many other mechanical objects, tend to be very fickle and hard to work with. If your garage door seems jammed, you should first check the door, its position on the rails, and the remote for the system before you consider contacting an expert about professionally fixing your garage door. 

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