6 Things to Know About T-Shirt Printing

Whether browsing the web, most people focus on cheap t-shirt printing as the basis of their decision. As long as the company is affordable, they are willing to give it a chance. Funny enough, this is one of the rare cases where the choice of the company will not be crucial. Instead, it all comes down to your ability to create an awesome print.

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T-shirt printing has everything to do with you as it does with the t-shirt printing provider. It is very important to create images that you will like and that you will subsequently wear. However, most people are rather hasty when making these custom shirts. Instead of taking some time, they are willing to go with the first idea that pops into their head. If you want to make a viable business of t-shirt printing, you need to ensure you have a great DTG printer and a variety of choices.

Here are some tips that will help you make the right decisions when making custom t-shirts!

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  1. Don’t go with the first thing that pops in your head. Even if you have a certain concept in mind, make sure to explore it thoroughly. There are always different variations on a theme and you likely won’t be happy if you go with the first one
  2. How would it look on you? Is it really your style? There are lots of things that you need to be considered beforehand. One of those small things is considering how this new t-shirt will match with the rest of your clothing. Perhaps you really wanted a t-shirt in a certain color but you don’t have any pants to match. These are important questions that need to be asked
  3. Make sure to find the right balance. Something that looks like a nice image on your PC will not necessarily translate well to a t-shirt. Oftentimes it is better to go with simplistic patterns and designs as they are more visible and will not be an overkill
  4. Although some people don’t think about this, it is very important to specify things such as size, sex and so on. Even the length of the sleeves can play a part (if a t-shirt has any). Also, if you’re buying one of these items as a present make sure to learn the size as you don’t want to invest all this money and spend so much time if the product will not fit
  5. Colors are every bit as important as any other aspect of a t-shirt. People who are not well versed with them can easily make mistakes. Again, like with everything else, make sure to find colors that will fit the rest of your clothing. While custom-made shirts are usually made to be very jovial and fun, they don’t always convert well when you use them in the real world
  6. Lastly, we would suggest that you go with good materials. Cotton is the best thing for these shirts so make sure to find someone who will make you a 100% custom t-shirt. You can also go for a combination with polyester but keep in mind they are of lower quality and are not as ideal when printing stuff on them

With all these tips, you can start creating your own custom clothing.

Always remember that the custom prints can also be used for other items such as hats so it is definitely something you might consider. For example, you can order a matching hat or shirt thus making a full purchase.

Although you can buy as many shirts as you want, it is much better to take your time, enjoy the creation process and make a t-shirt that you will wear for years to come!

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