What Do I Do? 6 Tips for When Your Children Take a Nasty Fall

Being the mother of two Evel Knievel wanna-be children, I know all too well that “heart in your throat” feeling. Rianne, one of our wonderful guest contributors, has a great article for you today on how to handle it when your children take a nasty fall.   – Kim

Children frequently take tumbles whether they are playing sports, roughhousing with siblings, or getting overexcited at the prospect of the ice cream man, but it never gets easier to see your child in pain. You can, however follow some basic ideas to be better prepared and to react in a way that is helpful for your child. Here are six tips for any parent responding to a child that has had a bad fall. 

What Do I Do Six Tips For When Your Children Take A Nasty Fall

Be Prepared

Your children do not have to play pee wee football for you to know that the best offense is a good defense. Store a first aid kit in your home and car so that you can quickly tend to injuries after a fall. 

Stay Calm and Think

Your heart-rate may skyrocket when you see your child fall, but do not show fear. Kids will follow your cue and panic if you do. It is better to assess the situation and treat bruises when everyone is calm. 

Be Aware

Recognizing warning signs early is the best thing you can do in an emergency. Watch for vomiting, loss of consciousness or coordination, breathing problems or sudden drowsiness. These symptoms can be serious, so you should call 911 or take your child to the hospital immediately. 

Extra Help

If an injury is beyond your ability to treat but is not serious enough for a hospital visit, then head to a free clinic or your doctor’s office. This may be necessary when a wound needs stitches, the bleeding will not stop on a superficial cut or more. 

Location, Location, Location

If your child gets hurt somewhere public like a zoo or a sports arena, there are often designated areas that contain first aid supplies and sometimes they have professionals on hand. Finding one of these can allow you to comfort your child without having to worry about fixing any boo-boos yourself. 

Do Not Repeat the Past

Some injuries are going to turn into funny stories in 10 years, but parents do not want a repeat performance. Many trips and scrapes are life lessons for kids, but adults may need to learn lessons, too. A personal injury lawyer Oakland residents can call has suggested that in a surprising number of instances, someone else has made a mistake of some kind that contributed to your child’s fall or injury. Calling a lawyer to help you resolve such mistakes by others helps ensure your children and others will no longer suffer because of someone’s negligence. 

While one little bruise can make you want to wrap your child in a protective bubble, kids are resilient and always eager for the next adventure. You cannot protect your child from the world, but you can be ready to handle the situation when your kid takes a nasty fall.

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