6 Tips for Improving Air Quality in Your Home

You can significantly improve your quality of life at home by adjusting the quality of the air. The air we breathe indoors is more complex than you might have imagined. Pulling air into the house from the outside requires negative pressure ventilation. Air enters your system through a path that ventilates, filters, and purifies it before it enters your home. Breathing hazards are commonly found in the outside air, especially in places with poor air quality such as industrial cities.  However, even if you live somewhere relatively unpolluted, aerating and filtering air can still improve its quality.

Operating your HVAC system without routine maintenance reduces the quality of the air that it can produce. There are some tasks that homeowners can take responsibility for on their own. More complex repairs will require the help of HVAC technicians. Thankfully, with my husband being an HVAC technician – he performs all of the following on our home religiously to ensure our air quality is the best that it can be. With both of us having respiratory issues, it helps tremendously!

The ability to evaluate the health of your heating and cooling helps you to determine a solution for it. If you’d like to improve your HVAC performance and air quality, consider speaking with an HVAC serviceman. Some potential topics to address with your technician might include:

1. Replacing Your Filters

First, ask your technician about changing the filters. Routine systems checks keep the unit in good condition. Replacing a few filters could be the only work ahead of you.

2. Cleaning Your Vents

You can sweep your vents when casually cleaning the house. Cleaning helps you look for any obstructions. Tell your technician about the spaces in the house that have clogged vents.

3. Seeking Maintenance Services

Routine maintenance keeps small problems from becoming nightmares. Routine checkups can be scheduled with your HVAC technician. These professionals are equipped to respond 24/7 in most cases.

4. Improving Your Ventilation

Ventilation systems help circulate the air in your house. Even when air is fresh, recycling it helps you to improve the longevity of your air quality. Ventilation ensures that the air in your system is circulating at a consistent rate.

5. Installing an Air Purifier

A purifier works with your ventilation and filters. The smaller bacteria or mildew that filters can’t catch are eliminated with a purifier. Some specifically remove smoke and harmful gases. These models are triggered by the presence of carbon dioxide.

6. Upgrading to New Standards

We can teach you about the new emerging technology on the market. Installations and upgrades take little time and they can save you more money in the long run. The HVAC industry creates better products and new innovations every year.

What You Can do About Air Quality

Your first step for better air quality is analysis. Right now, you know the needs of your home better than anyone. Which appliances haven’t been working the way they should? The right level of comfort is the standard you set. Contact a technician now or keep an eye on your unit until you need service.

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