6 Tips to Raising a Family Without Losing Your Mind

Raising a Family Without Losing Your Mind

Raising a family is the hardest but most rewarding job you can do. It can; however, take a toll on parents and caretakers. With all the different schedules and obligations each member of the family has, it can be hard to keep up. Here are six tips to make keeping up a little easier.

1. Vacation

Take a vacation. Vacations are truly underrated. People tend to overlook it thinking it is automatically too costly. They stress themselves out so much they make vacations stressful. Vacations do not have to be expensive. In fact going away even for a day to spend time in a different environment can refresh the mind and bring the family closer together. Everyone needs a break from the day to day hustle of life even the children. Parents should also find time to get away by themselves. Often times, they come back with a new perspective.

2. Ask for Help

You all know the saying it takes a village to raise a child. Well, it does. Do not be afraid to ask for help. Make friends, arrange car pools, ask for help from grandparents and aunts and uncles. Have a good and reliable babysitting service handy. When people offer to help allow them to do so; for those who are a little more hands on delegate those things you can. But accepting help frees up your time so at minimum you can think. And sometimes that is all you need.

3. Security System

Secure your home. Get reliable home security. There is no greater fear with parents than leaving your kids alone whether it’s on the school bus or heading home ahead of you from school. With a good home security system you can monitor your kids’ activities nowadays from the very comfort of your computer.

4. Family Activities

Daily family dinner time helps to set up a daily organized activity where the family can stop everything they are doing to come together. This promotes order and closeness. Even cleaning the home together is a family activity. House chores can become overwhelming with families. With chores, everyone has a task and a purpose in the home.

5. Calendar

With so many members of the family doing so many things, it may feel as if you do not have a handle on everyone’s activities. A family calendar takes care of that. Everyone knows what everyone is doing and is able to plan ahead. As well arrangements can be made to support one another.

6. Budget

A budget can make many of those family activities and vacations much more realistic for families. It is also a good opportunity to teach the children about saving and planning.

With a little bit of structure raising a family can be a little more manageable. It is impossible to plan every day and expect it to go just as anticipated. However, with a few guides such as a budget and calendar and family goals like vacations and family activities and relying on the support of others like your security team and family and friends, one can make raising a family more manageable and much less stressful.

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  1. A calander really helps me keep track of everything that I need to. I also have a budget and make sure to stick to it. And asking and getting help is so important!

    • I use my Cozi calendar on my desktop and my tablet and keep a backup hard copy on my desk. Once a week (usually on the weekends when it is quiet) I go through and make sure that they are both "synced" with each other and I haven't forgotten anything. I love my technology but having a back up calendar is a must!

  2. I really love all the helpful posts you write – we try to do #4 on this list with a Family Movie Night or Family Game Night, but it's tricky to get everyone home and not busy simultaneously. Maybe if I combine #4 with #5 and just make it a scheduled thing, huh?

  3. Great advise! The only thing I would add is "Don't Blink". If you blink they will grow up. I miss the chaos of having little kids. Mine are grown now.

    • LOL – there are days Stacey when I think I cannot blink fast enough! But you are so right … once they are grown you wish you could grab them and hug them and baby them like you did when they were younger!

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